Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"America" By The Poetician Cris "Nathaniel" Gualberto...


Why does my homeland strangle the hopes of its young and ignore the struggles of many generations?

The civil war has been fought so many times since 1865, even though the voices

Of the dead constantly plead with us.

Our cities are filled with the impoverished and the unheard voices

of distraught old men.

Our children play in the neglected ruins of forgotten schools and tenements.

Young parents must struggle for jobs of sheer destitution.

Immigrants must face the daily scourge of racism, while the poor are mired in the squalor of public institutions.

Our children constantly cry out for justice.

The young black man ever raises a clinched fist.

The crippled veteran can only wish for token benefits.

Those who yearn for freedom are hassled because of their very names.

Those who seek happiness see their hopes squandered by talent agencies promising empty fame.

Those who would bridge the gulf between races and classes are derided by the

masses that lives under the delusion of freedom.

Yet, the latter simply delight in political speakers renowned only for their tedium.

America is a landscape of broken dreams and endless television programs of Republican optimism,

Of politicians who fail to look through our collective prism,

Of desolate retirement communities and neighborhoods infested with vice,

Of grey newspaper columns advertising mindless jobs and whimsical advice,

Of Republicans and Democrats squaring off over foreign policies and ridiculous scandals,

And of children who have been transformed into hideous vandals.

America, you are the country whom I love dearly.

You gave birth to me and to hopeful sincerity.

Why must you be trampled on by those who misuse your name,

those who are only making you lame?

Why must you give in to those who advocate only for greed and useless competition?

Why must you ever look out onto the world with vigilance and despairing inhibition?

Why must you watch silently over the uncertain fates of millions?

even as domineering corporations effortlessly spend their billions.

The world shall always embrace you as one of its own, but do not forget that she will always outlast you

and ever take note of your harshness.

copyright by Cris "Nathaniel" Gualberto

E-mail: nathanielgualberto at yahoo dot com

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