Monday, May 19, 2008

We Honor Malcolm X On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio...

"The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today."

"Power Never Takes A Back Step - Only In The Face Of More Power."
---Malcolm X

Tha Artivist Writes:
Hey Family,
Today (May 19, 2008) marks the life affirmation day of one of our greatest freedom fighters and most eloquent truth speakers for liberation: Malcolm X...Malcolm would have been 83 years young today..And yet his spirit lives...

I know many of us are getting carried away in this recent
"change phenomenon",but recognize what Malcolm taught us that wolves and foxes may differ in appearance slightly, but are still one in the same...Bro. Malcolm, even from beyond the grave, is urging us towards progress while reminding us to still proceed with caution...

As long as there are people willing to fight against all forms of oppression, repression and depression then Malcolm lives; As long as there are oppression, repression and depression left to fight, then Malcolm's work is incomplete...It is up to you and I to complete it...

Let us honor the living legacy of this mighty and courageous Ancestor by giving the world the best we have to offer!!!

Look for me in the whirlwind...

Yours in solidarity and creativity,
Bro. Ron a.k.a. R2C2H2 Tha Artivist

Please Join W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio in honoring Bro. Malcolm by checking out the following links and features and spreading the good news:

"Truth Is On The Side Of The Oppressed" -Malcolm X
Dr. Manning Marable
On Sunday July 1, 2007 Our Loyal Audience Had The Good Fortune Of Listening To The Gifted Dr. Manning Marable, Director Of The Malcolm X Project @ Columbia University And One Of The Greatest Scholars Of His Generation, Make It Plain As Malcolm X Would Say On THA ARTIVIST PRESENTS...W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio...
Dr. Marable dropped the science and offered an unique perspective on Malcolm X's life and legacy...He talked about how Malcolm's image has been distorted to serve certain interests who were not interested in the living human being known as Malcolm X to begin with...We talked about the missing three chapters from the classic Autobiography of Malcolm X as well as the controversy surrounding his death and sexuality...

Dr. Marable, a 21 year old attendant of the historic 1972 Black Political Agenda Convention in Gary, Indiana also talked about the inadequacies of the Black leadership model and the so-called two party system today and the need for a third political party which basically addresses the needs of African Americans...


Tha Artstorian reports...
As the new congress already completed its first 100 hours, many people believe that high hopes are definitely in the house because the Democrats are in the driving seat...However, Bro. Malcolm X a voice of reason and justice is calling us from the grave to be aware of the wolves in sheep clothing or politrixans who spend more time traveling with their pages to Europe or playing golf and the gaming tables at American Indian reservation casinos than attending town hall meetings in their district, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, keeping the internet free from corporate control and open to the masses, and voting their collective constituents' moral conscience by stop giving the Bush Administration the money and the means to wage an unjust war and demanding the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq immediately...As Democrats such as Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden and others are gearing up for a run at the White House let us reflect on what Bro. Malcolm, who recently left his longtime mentor Elijah Muhammad, had to say about Democrats, Republicans, racism,economics, voting, politrixs, Black Nationalism and brotherhood...Interesting to note that during his time as well as ours rich powerful white men from oil rich Texas (Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush) ruled the White House amid scandals and ill prepared and fated wars in foreign lands (Vietnam and Iraq)...Check out his famous actual audio speech,"The Ballot or the Bullet", from April 12,1964 in Detroit, Michigan and the text in the following links below...

"The Ballot or the Bullet" speech both text and audio (in two parts):

Also you can hear it here:

For all of Malcolm's recorded speeches in their entirety go to the following link:

Some more Malcolm X on W.E. A.L.L. B.E.:

Another complementary perspective concerning Malcolm X, Democrats and American politrixs:


Feb. 21, 2007 marked 42 years since one of America's most charismatic,dynamic controversial, enigmatic, inspirational, feared, celebrated, hated, intelligent orators/leaders was cut down by a hail of bullets in his prime in front of a packed audience in the Audubon Ballroom which included his wife (pregnant with twins) and his four children....Although he drew his last breath that tragic day Malcolm still lives!!! You can kill the dreamer, but never the dream; you can kill the revolutionary, but never the revolution!!!

Malcolm was as great,complex and committed as they come, who could not be brought with money (was once offered 3 million dollars to leave the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to start teaching a more "traditional" form of Islam, but he flat out refused)...Malcolm also had the underrated ability to admit when he was wrong and was willing to change in order to be a part of the solution, in order to confront and eradicate the problem...Malcolm experienced the extremes of the human condition in his brief yet full 39 years on this piece of rock we call earth...Let us rejoice in what he left us instead of how he left us...We got a lot of work to do so let's get to it!!! Hotep!!!
Your comrade in the struggle.
R2C2H2 Tha Artivist

Please check out what the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan (a protege of Malcolm x) said about Malcolm X, the man and legacy, on the 25th Anniversary of his passing @ The Malcolm X College in Chicago,Ill. on Feb. 21, 1990:

Check out the Smoking Gun: Malcolm X Files which provides details,rare files,interviews, and photos(including the one at the top of this post) surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X:

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