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New Jena 6 Update...Marcus Jones' Updated Press Release...

Activists Unite!!! Bro. R2C2H2 Tha Artivist (left) With Schlumberger 2's Sis. Tawanna Thierry and Jena 6's Marcus Jones @ The National Action Network Conference in Memphis Friday April 4, 2008

I am the father of Mychal Bell. My son was arrested on December 5, 2006 on a charge of simple battery by the LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Reed Walters. Mychal was placed in a Juvenile Facility by District Attorney, Reed Walters.

However on December 6, 2006, Mychal was taken out of the Juvenile Facility, and placed in an Adult Jail, where his charges were "Upped" to "2nd Degree Attempted Murder" along with "Conspiracy to commit 2nd degree attempted murder." Judge J.P. Mauffray set Mychal’s bond at $90,000..

On June 25, 2007 District Attorney, Reed Walters "downgraded" the charges from 2nd Degree Attempted Murder & Conspiracy to Commit 2nd Degree Attempted Murder, to "2nd degree Aggravated Battery and Conspiracy to commit Aggravated Battery. Mychal was taken to trail on June 26, 2007. He was tried by an "all-white" jury who immediate found him "Guilty".

Due to financial problems, some ministers in Monroe, Louisiana introduced me to Attorney Louis G. Scott, who accepted Mychal’s case on July 10, 2007. Initially it seemed Attorney Louis G. Scott was sincere concerning the interest of my son. Sentencing was delayed from July 31, 2007 to September 20, 2007. Thankfully, support poured in from the National Action Network, National Black Caucus, Harvard Law School, Howard University Law School, other legal associates, civil rights activist and organizations and concerned citizens from around the world..

On September 14, 2007 the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal overturned Mychal’s adult conviction due to the fact that Mychal, who was 16 years of age and to be considered a minor. This unlawful sentencing of 10 months as an Adult by LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Reed Walters and Judge J.P. Mauffray significantly has shown severe emotional, mental and physical duress as a result. Without speculation, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals was able to rule against the unjustifiable imprisonment of my son that will continue to significantly impact him throughout his life.

On top of this illegal activity, LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Reed Walters commented to the blacks of Jena High School that he did not want anyone else to say anything about the "hanging nooses" by three white students of Jena High School, or he would take their lives away with the stroke of a pen. This was said in the presence of the Jena High School Faculty and the presence of LaSalle Parish Deputies. This comment with the objective to "HIDE" the facts surrounding this hanging of the nooses on the tree located on the school premises of Jena High School is to be considered an Obstruction to Justice. It also was perceived by black students of Jena High School as unethical behavior by someone who was supposed to enforce equality of the law for all. District Attorney, Reed Walters comments eluded to white students of Jena High School that this type of racist and prejudice behavior was acceptable. His words generated conflict throughout the campus of Jena High School between black and white students. This Kous was not without the use of racial remarks, jokes, and comment. The word "Nigger" was used throughout the campus of Jena High School. Some black students no longer felt "Safe" in what is "suppose" to be their daily learning environment.

What a shame? How could the justice department ignore the damages caused by LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Reed Walters comments? For example, look at the case of "Duke Lacrosse" case, the District Attorney was immediately removed, what is the difference in the case of Jena 6? Why is LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Walter Reed has not been removed, and all charges dropped within the Jena 6 cases? Besides Mychal being incarcerated, the other black teens are facing charges and preparing for trail with the same District Attorney, Reed Walters and Judge J.P. Mauffray. Mychal has suffered as a result of this clear injustice without it being a perception. Racism continues to play a critical factor within Jena’s Justice System. Therefore justice has not prevailed in my son’s case and the other Jena 6 teens.

Mychal’s plea deal is to be considered an injustice sacrifice of an innocent victim. He continue to be an example to America that depending on the fact that you are black and continue to suffer economic disparity, District Attorney, Reed Walters statement had some truth. Jena 6 is not finished, especially when justice continues to be jeopardized by the unlawful conduct of the LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Reed Walters and Judge J.P. Mauffray, How can a PLEA DEAL in the case of Mychal, solve the problem?

On October 02, 2007 Mychal was bonded out on a $45,000 bail, but Judge J.P. Mauffray ruled that Mychal would be under house arrest without the ability to leave out the yard. Regardless of bonding out, Mychal was not free. Shortly following a week and a half later, Mychal was taken back to court with Judge J.P. Mauffray presiding on a "suspiciously older juvenile charge that occurred in 2005". Another bond of $5000 had to be posted, and three days later Mychal was taken back to court with Judge J.P. Mauffray presiding, who ruled that Mychal was in violation of juvenile probation. Mychal was sentenced to 18 months. However, Mychal remained out of jail for the Jena High School incident.

In the meantime, I was under the assumption that Attorney Louis Scott and Attorney Carol Powell-Lexing had accepted the offers of leading legal services specialist as previously mention above. These services were offered in the case of Mychal "pro-bono". Attorney Louis Scott and Attorney Carol Powell-Lexing declined legal intervention in my son’s case. It is clearly obvious that other legal specialist were required on this national case.

On November 06, 2007, Judge J.P. Mauffray presided over Mychal’s motion hearing for reasons of "double jeopardy and no police report written out by LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Department". Melissa Bell, who is Mychal mother and I had no faith in Judge J.P. Mauffray presiding over Mychal’s motion, as well as, Attorney Louis Scott and Attorney Carol Powell-Lexing. The objective of the motion was to file with the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. As mentioned previously, fault had been found with LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Reed Walters and Judge J.P. Mauffray court rulings. Attorney Louis Scott had personal told me that he had filed these motions to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals on November 07, 2007 via cell phone.. Attorney Louis Scott did not file the motion on Mychal’s behalf, instead he lied.

On November 29, 2007, Attorney Louis Scott and Attorney Bob Noel visited my home with Mychal’s mother Melissa Bell, and told me that there were no other possibilities in Mychal’s case. He continued to comment that Mychal had no other choice, but to take a plea. Knowing the injustice of the facts surrounding Mychal’s case, I immediately responded, "NO".

Regardless of my disagreement of Mychal accepting a plea, Attorney Louis Scott has already consulted with Mychal’s mother prior to visiting my home. Mychal’s mother was influenced and frightened by the Attorneys misrepresentation that there were no other alternatives. Attorney Louis Scott commented that Mychal was not going to be able to play football, and look at the possibility of serving a minimum of five years.

I asked Attorney Louis Scott, "Why did he not file the motion to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals?" Attorney Louis Scott’s response and excuse was that Attorney Peggy Sullivan, who was an attorney on Mychal’s case as well, did not finish the "Writ" for the file. However Attorney Louis Scott and Carol Powell-Lexing were the Lead Attorneys on Mychal’s Court Documents, as well as, the in front attorneys speaking to the media. This would have been their responsibility, regardless of the union of other representation. I responded to Attorney Louis Scott with the following rebuttal, "This was no excuse, based on all the offered "Pro-Bono" support from legal specialist around the world. "

On December 03, 2007, which was the Plea Hearing set for Mychal, During a side bar conversation between Attorneys Louis Scott, Carol Powell-Lexing, Attorney Bob Noel, Peggy Sullivan, Lee Perkins, Judge J.P. Mauffray and LaSalle Parish District Attorney, Reed Walters, I received a call from a member of Congress. This member of Congress wanted to speak with Attorney Louis Scott and/or Attorney Carol Powell-Lexing on the phone. Attorney Carol Powell-Lexing took the call, and then took the phone inside the Judge J.P. Mauffray’s chambers and gave it to Attorney Louis Scott.. Later the same member of Congress followed up on the call in regards to the conversation with Attorney Louis Scott. The request of Attorney Louis Scott was to cancel all proceeding of December 03, 2007 plea arrangements. However, Louis Scott earlier responded to this member of congress, "No, I cannot stop it; I got to go on through with it!", and hung the phone up on the member of congress without saying goodbye.

The following agreements resulted as a basis of the plea deal, where as, Judge J.P. Mauffray’s was the presiding Judge:

1. Mychal would be required to testify on the 5 remaining teens of Jena 6

Therefore, this places Mychal at a disadvantage among his peers and society. Mychal would be perceived as a "Snitch". This would furthermore have grave consequences, as Mychal would face retaliation as a result of being considered a "Snitch" What attorney would place their client in such a dramatizing position? This would not represent the best interest of his/her client.

2. The case could not be appealed

Therefore, all of Mychal constitutional rights were taken away without the ability to appeal

3. I would have to pay child support until Mychal turn 18 years of age

What does "child support" have to do within a criminal case? I am not on trail as a result of non-payment of child support.

4. Mychal’s mother and I would have to pay all cost of court

Several attorneys had never heard of this, and would have done things differently based on the best interest of their client.

5. Mychal’s mother and I would have to pay a portion of Justin Barker’s medical bills

In this event, the lawyers should have advised that no civil actions should be taken against the parents. This should have at least been an option, regardless of the court’s decision.

6. All previous motions that were previously filed would have to be withdrawn

Therefore, all of Mychal constitutional rights were taken away without the ability to appeal

Currently, I am being sued by the Barker family. What kind of lawyers would not outline all of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Mychal's Plea. Regardless of my the fact that I did not agree to Mychal's Plea deal, I am currently being sued, and faced with paying upcoming court cost. Based on the misrepresentation of Attorneys Louis Scott and Caroll Powell-Lexing, their law license or lives must have been threatened. Otherwise, what type of lawyers would not have the best interest of their client. Attorneys Louis Scott and Caroll Powell-Lexing are telling the world that "They won for Mychal Bell!" How can a plea deal be a possible win, whenever, Justice is compromised?

Why did the lead attorneys in Mychal’s case, Attorney Louis Scott and Carol Powell-Lexing take the responsibility to file a motion within the 3rd Court of Appeals? There was no excuse based on Attorney Louis Scott’s previous reasoning.

I am thankful for everyone’s support and efforts. One of the main reasons that I am continuing to fight for justice is due to the "wrong doing" of my son’s attorneys Louis Scott and Carol Powell-Lexing and others who played a key role in the obstruction of justice. People took a stand against an obvious injustice that happened in Jena, Louisiana to 6 black teens who attended Jena High School. Civil rights activist, members of congress, legal specialist, and concerned citizens stated that "Jena 6 was clearly an injustice due to race." However, Jena 6 is to be considered, "Unfinished Business." Currently, I am pursuing action against Mychal’s attorneys. The backlash of Jena 6 has been significant to myself personally, as well as, the other families. This is not about a "spotlight" but justice must prevail. It is as if, I can no longer drive around the streets of Jena and surrounding areas without being targeted by police and others. It is not a coincidence, this unlawful retaliation is real. My life will continue to be placed at a disadvantage, but I will never give up or give in to wrong. As I will continue to state, in the cases of Jena 6, there remains "UNFINISHED BUSINESS". If nothing is done, you too can suffer the similar misfortunes of seeking justice.

Thank you,

Mr. Marcus Jones

Please contact Mr. Marcus Jones @ via email:

318/316-2489 Cell

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