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'Jena 6 Mom' Currently In Jail For Almost A Month With A $100,000 Bail Bond...

*W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio Exclusive* Jena 6 Update Interview With Bro. Marcus Jones (Oct. 30, 2008)~
In this 46 minute segment Bro. Marcus Jones discusses Sis. Melissa Bell's situation and his successful assault case dismissal concerning him and his son's attorney, Sis. Carol Powell Lexing...Listen for yourself:

After listening & reading the article below, decide what is the truth for you...You can find truth in anything...All that is required is that you seek it out and have an open mind...Stay tuned...

The Rev. Al Sharpton (center) escorts the mother and father of “Jena Six” member Mychal Bell – Melissa Bell and Marcus Jones – into Trout Creek Baptist Church in Jena in August 2007. Melissa Bell and Marcus Jones are also facing legal difficulties. Bell was arrested last Saturday, accused of assaulting two women with a shovel, while Jones was accused this August of shoving his son’s attorney, Carol Powell-Lexing. (Town Talk photo/photos@thetowntalk.com)

'Jena Six' Mother Accused Of Hitting Women With Shovel

By Bill Sumrall

The mother of the most well-known member of the "Jena Six" has been arrested and is facing two charges of aggravated second-degree battery, officials said Friday.

Melissa S. Bell, 38, of Jena -- the mother of Mychal Bell -- was arrested Oct. 11, said Darryl Husbands of the LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Office. She is being held in the LaSalle Parish Jail, with bond set at $100,000.

Melissa Bell was charged with the battery of two women who claim she hit them with a shovel, Sheriff Scott Franklin said.

The women told deputies that they dropped their children off at Bell's home but returned when they received a call from someone saying a drug sale had just occurred at Bell's home while their children were there, Franklin said. The women went to retrieve the children when the altercation occurred.

"Obviously, they were very upset," Franklin said.

Deputies were notified and went to the scene. The two women went to the Sheriff's Office that same day and filed affidavits against Melissa Bell, who surrendered without incident, Franklin said.

Also arrested Saturday in connection with the incident was Pamela S. Simmons, 31, of Jena, who was charged with simple criminal damage to property; Carlisha M. Bell, 17, of Jena, charged with battery; and Perry E. Bell, Jr., 36, of Jena, charged with simple battery domestic abuse, authorities reported.

Bond was set at $1,000 for Perry Bell, $750 for Carlisha Bell and $500 for Simmons, according to Sheriff's Office records.

Mychal Bell, who now attends Carroll High School in Monroe, is the only member of the Jena Six to face trial in connection with the Dec. 4, 2006, beating of fellow Jena High School student Justin Barker. Five others -- Robert Bailey Jr., Jesse Ray Beard, Carwin Jones, Bryant Purivs and Theo Shaw -- still are awaiting trial.

Mychal Bell pleaded guilty in December 2007 to juvenile charges of second-degree battery after his adult conviction of aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy to commit that crime were thrown out by an appeals court that determined his case should have been handled in juvenile court.

Since that plea, the trial judge, J.P. Mauffray Jr. -- the only district judge in LaSalle Parish -- has been recused from the remaining Jena Six cases. That decision is awaiting an appeal from LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters.

Bell's father, Marcus Jones, was accused of assaulting and battering one of his son's attorneys in August after a hearing in Baton Rouge, according to Baton Rouge Police. He reportedly confronted Carol Powell-Lexing in an elevator right after she finished in her "official capacity on behalf of his son" at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association building in Baton Rouge. The association denied Bell athletic eligibility to play football during his fifth year of high school.

According to the police report filed by Lexing, a "very upset" Jones was blaming Lexing for the hearing's outcome and spat in her face after pointing his finger and yelling profanities at her. Jones then pushed Lexing down, police reported.

Jones told The Town Talk that he did blame Lexing and pointed at her during the argument, but he said he would never get into a physical fight with a woman and didn't touch her.

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