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11-16-2008~Yes He Did...So Now What??? Setting The Agenda For An Obama Presidency...

One Full Year On The Air!!!

November 2008's Theme Is "Don't Give Up, Give Out Or Give In...We Insist, Freedom Now!!!"

First Air Date: Sunday November 16, 2008

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Topic: "Yes He Did...So Now What??? Setting The Agenda For An Obama Presidency"

On Nov. 4, 2008, history was made...Now's the time to plan for the future!!!
The Obama campaign has energized people in this country in a way that has never been seen or done before...His campaign and promise echoes with the same historic and unprecedented sentiments & ethos of both The New Deal, New Frontier & Great Society campaigns of FDR, JFK, & LBJ respectively..."Hope" is a word and state of mind that carries a lot of weight in times like these...With the U.S. 's stature in the world declining along with the the Dow Jones Average, it's time for a change in direction and focus...One that's for the good and will of the people...All people!!!

On many occasions throughout this grueling and yet rewarding two year campaign cycle, Obama in his inspirational and eloquent way has appealed to the masses to help their selves by helping him become 'The People's President' so that we may form a more perfect union...We @ W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio has answered his clarion call and we invite you to 'spare your two cents for change' and join us in a 'planning session' to demand a better future for our kids, the country and the world!!!

Featured Guests/Subjects Include:

1.) "I Painted Barack & Michelle Obama: Confessions Of A Successful Artist"

Talented Visual Artist Bro. Carl Hess Shares With Us How He Had The Audacity Of Hope To Be Commissioned By The New Power Couple For A Painting
Visit Bro. Carl Hess' main website:

2.) "Roundtable Discussion: Where Do We Go From Here??? Outlining The Next 4 Years..."

Featured / Scheduled Guests...

A.) Political Science Expert Sis. Crystal Holmes

B.) Media Expert & Journalist Sis. Imani Cheers
(Check Out Sis. Crystal & Sis. Imani's excellent newsweek article on Hip Hop, BHO & Politics:

C.) Folk Musician & Activist Bro. Timbre Wolf

D.) Civil Rights & Education Legend Dr. Gene 'Jughead' Young

E.) Hip Hop Artist & Activist Bro. Kamikaze

F.) You

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