Sunday, February 21, 2010

1st Annual Malcolm X Commemoration Week In Harlem (2/21/2010-2/27/2010)

"Without Education, You Are Not Going Anywhere In This World."
-Malcolm X

In Recognition Of Black History Month; The Black Student Union @ City
College Proudly Presents:

"Harlem's 1st Annual Malcolm X Commemoration Week"

Sunday, February 21st: (2:00pm) Come Join The BSU & The Black Community At

The 45th Annual Memorial Tribute In Harlem For El Hajj Malik El

Shabazz-Malcolm "Omawale" X @ The Actual Time & Site Of His Assassination. The

Audubon Ballroom, 3960 Broadway (Bet. W.165th/166th Streets)

Hosted By The Comrades, Followers, Friends & Family Members Of Our "Black

Shining Prince" Bro. Malcolm X.

*Please arrive before 3pm which is the actual time of Bro. Malcolm's

assassination in 1965 and; the start time of this years ceremony.

Monday, February 22nd: (3:00pm) The Black Studies Program @ City College:

Tribute To Malcolm X. Room 6-115 In The City College (NAC) Building.

Hosted By Dr. Leonard Jeffries

*CCNY Students In General And Black Students In Particular; Are Encouraged

To Attend

Tuesday, February 23rd: (11am-8pm) A Malcolm X Film Festival & Open

Discussion On The Pro's & Con's Of The Spike Lee-Denzel Washington Movie@ City

College. Room 3-201 In The City College (NAC) Building. Featuring "5"

Different Films On Malcolm X; The "6pm Sharp" Closing Discussion Will Be Both

Filmed & Forwarded To Both Spike Lee & Denzel Washington For Their Review.

Hosted By Bro. Sadiki "Shep" Ojore Olugbala.

* All CCNY Students Of Afrikan Descent Are Encouraged To Participate

Wednesday, February 24th: (5:00pm) The philosophy of Malcolm X was that

"The Personal Is The Political"; Come Join The BSU & Black Faculty In An

Open-Interactive Round Table Discussion of Black Relationships. Room 3-201

In The City College(NAC) Building. Hosted By New York Chairman Bro. Shaka

Shakur, New Black Panther Party.

*All CCNY Students Of Afrikan Descent Are Encouraged To Participate.

Thursday, February 25th: (12:00pm) BSU General Meeting. Which Way Forward

For Black Students @ CCNY In Continuing The Legacy Of Malcolm X? Room

3-201 In The City College (NAC) Building.

*All CCNY Students Of Afrikan Descent Are Welcome To Attend.

Friday, February 26th: 7:00pm- Join The BSU In Recognizing Malcolm X's

Call For Pan-African Unity @ "When Africa Called...Cuba Answered." A Black

History Month Program & Urgent Fundraiser For Both Haiti and the US

Government held political prisoners internationally known as "The Cuban 5"

Featuring the Film: "Cuba; An African Odyssey" and a very special guest panel.

At Harlem's St. Mary's Episcopal Church 521 W. 126th Street-Basement Level.

The Suggested Student Donation Is $5.00. However; No one will be

turned away for lack of funds. Hosted By The Project To Free The Cuban 5 &

The December 12th Movement.

* Hands Off Assata Shakur, Guillermo Morales, Nehanda Abiodun & All US

Political Exiles In Cuba.

Saturday, February 27th Event #1: 9:00am- Join The BSU Recognizing

Malcolm X's Belief In Organizing Our "Education For Our Liberation" @ The

Citywide Black Student Activism Conference.

New York University - Kimmel Hall 60 Washington Square South, New York,

NY 10012. Hosted By The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement & The NYU African

American Heritage Committee.

*Calling All Black Student Activists, Organizers, and Organizations!

Saturday, February 27th Event #2: 2:00pm- Join The BSU In Recognizing

Malcolm X's Belief In The Right To Self-defense" @ The 8th Annual Kemetic

Masters Of The Martial Arts Exhibition.

At Harlem's Harriet Tubman School, 250 W. 127th Street (Bet. 7th & 8th

Avenues). Featuring Live Demonstrations In Karate, Kung-Fu, Tae Kwon Do,

Hapkido, Jujutso, Judo, Penjal Silaat, Kupigami, Capriera, 53 & MORE.

Come Meet The Masters, Pick A School/Style & Learn How To Protect Yourself

& Your Family.

Adults $10.00 & Children $5.00 Hosted By Dr. Shaka "Tawfiq" Zulu,

The Universal Zulu Nation.

*A Special Black History Month Tribute To All The Warriors Of The Past,

Present & Future

For More Information Contact The@ City College:
or (212) 650-5008

The Above Events Are Individually and/or Collectively Cosponsored By: The

Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Community/Student Center; The New Black

Panther Party; The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; The Universal Zulu Nation;

The CCNY Black Studies Program; The December 12th Movement; The Project To

Free The Cuban 5; The NYU African Heritage Committee & The Black Student

Union @ City College.

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