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Teen McDonald's Employee Gets Severely Beaten By Manager @ Memphis Area McDonald's


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Employee has a broken nose

His eye is swollen shut

Manager accused of attack now under arrest

(Updated: February 17, 2010 9:28 PM CST) -- Police have made an arrest in the McDonald's assault case we first told you about Monday. 20-year-old Jackson Martin, III was booked at the Shelby County Jail Wednesday night.

The case was initially listed as a simple assault. Martin is charged with aggravated assault.

17-year-old Jarelle Gray says Martin wanted him to work past the end of his shift Monday. Gray says after he clocked out and grabbed free food he says he was owed, Martin lost control. Gray says Martin punched him, kicked him and threw his head against the counter.

WREG News Channel 3 attempted to talk to Martin after the incident, but he told us he was instructed not to comment.


Father Of Beaten McDonald's Employee Claims Memphis Police Didn't Do Their Job
Jerome Gray Says Officers Were In The Restaurant Eating At The Time His Son Was Beaten
Alex Coleman
3:38 PM CST, February 16, 2010

Fast facts:
- McDonald's Manager Employee Fired After Allegedly Beating Teen Worker
-Former Manager Faces Simple Assault Charges
-Teen's Father Says Memphis Police Could Have Done More

(Memphis, TN/February 16, 2010) Jerome Gray is outraged over the beating of his son. Gray said, "This child was attacked at Mcdonalds."

His 17-year old son, Jarelle, is a McDonald's employee. He was punched, kicked and thrown against the counter by his supervisor after a dispute over free food and when his shift was supposed to end.

Gray said, "I got a phone call from the owner of McDonald's. He told me Jarelle didn't do anything wrong and he was sorry for what took place. He said he fired the manager."

The manager, Martin Jackson, has been fired, but Gray says what bothers him is that three Memphis police officers were at that very McDonald's eating at the same time his son was being beaten.

Gray said, "Three MPD officers were there on the scene and didn't do anything. How can you be feet away? How can you be feet away from where a crime is taking place and not do anything?"

The former McDonald's supervisor now faces simple assault charges, but Gray, who's a Shelby County Deputy Jailer, says that charge is not severe enough.

Gray said, "This right here, hitting a person's face against a counter, against machinery, things like that. You're using the machinery and counter as a weapon."

We did try talking with the Memphis Police Department about the case. I was told they would not be doing an interview at this time because the investigation is ongoing. Police are looking at surveillance video of the incident to decide if the simple assault charges will be upgraded to aggravated assault. Police tell me if it's determined that Jarelle Gray has broken bones or if a weapon was used the charges could likely be upgraded against the former McDonald's supervisor.

But those words don't comfort Jerome Gray. He says his son, who once dreamed of going to college and becoming a police officer, no longer has trust in them after the way they handled the investigation.

Gray said, "Now that he has experienced this I don't think he even trusts the police officers or the police department. I don't trust them." -


(MEMPHIS February 15, 2010) -- A 17-year-old fast food employee says he was beaten by a manager Monday at the McDonald's on Austin Peay near the Raleigh Springs Mall.

"He had grabbed me from behind and started punching me in the face," says Jarelle Gray. "He had me in a headlock. I tried to grab his legs when he was kneeing me."

Gray, a Bolton High School Senior, has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. He has a broken nose and his right eye is swollen shut. He also has cuts on his lip, face and forehead.

Gray says a supervisor called him Sunday night to work the overnight shift from 10:00 p.m. Sunday until 5:00 a.m. Monday.

Gray says the supervisor promised him a free meal and an extra $30 to cover the shift. Gray says the morning manager arrived 30 minutes after five, a half hour after his shift was supposed to end. He says the manager asked him to stay longer. Gray says he was tired, and decided to clock out and go home.

When he grabbed the free meal he says he was promised, Gray says the manager lost it, and went on the attack.

Gray says there were three officers eating at the McDonald's at the time of the attack. He says the officers told him they didn't see him getting beaten. An ambulance was called, and Gray was taken to St. Francis Hospital.

We went to the manager's home to ask him questions about the incident, but he told us he had no comment, and then shut the door.

Gray's father, Jerome Gray, says his son is a good kid who was holding down a job, saving money and preparing to go to college. "To see him get victimized by trying to do the right thing, is heartbreaking," says Jerome.

Memphis Police say the incident is listed as a simple assault case. It's unclear whether the manger has been charged at this point. More information should become available once the police report is released Tuesday.

The McDonald's Franchisee Released the following statement to WREG:

"Providing our employees with a safe, positive work environment is a top priority for our organization. We are disturbed by this situation, as anyone would be in similar circumstances. We wish the employee a quick and speedy recovery.

We have zero tolerance for this type of behavior in our restaurants. Upon learning about these allegations, we took immediate action to gather the facts. The alleged behavior of the individual in question is not reflective of our employees or organization, and we have taken action consistent our employment policies. The individual in question has been suspended pending further investigation.

We require all employees to abide by the law, as well as by our stringent employment policies."

Fred Tillman McDonald's Franchisee

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