Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Kinda Blue

 "Lady Plays The Blues" By R2C2H2

Some Kinda Blue


Silent rage stalking dimly lit paths

Secret dreams submerged within phobic denial

Sundry whispers spoke behind a veil

Sacred destinies stands pregnant in this moment

Some kinda blue.

“Nobody loves me but my momma

And she may be jiving too”

Rapture wrapped whimsically around the gates

Ancients patiently await

New visionaries to proclaim

The wonder of a new day.

Some kinda blue.

“Ain’t No sunshine when she’s gone”

I dreamed today would be different

I made a different plan to be

I came into my being this day

I am this day a new me.

Some kinda blue

“Nobody loves you when you’re down and out”

Singing in the key of E

Freedom sings in the melody

Strong, deep river beats

Sweet, sweet memories.

Some kinda blue

“Don’t make you move too soon”

Raging silences beating a new path

Dreams escape into reality

Whispers transformed into song

Destinies unleashed within stanza

Some kinda blue

“I was born by the river in a little tent”

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