Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Forgotten Brother's Keeper...Clyde Kennard

Before James Meredith there was...

In the late 1950s, Mr.Clyde Kennard attempted to transfer from the University of Chicago, where he was as a student in good standing, to the University Of Southern Mississippi. The segregationist leaders of the time framed him for the crime of receiving stolen chicken feed and, after a mockery of a trial, sentenced him to prison to make sure that no African American would ever enter the University Of Southern Mississippi. To compound the tragedy, he became gravely ill in prison, was badly mistreated, and died shortly after receiving clemency, based on his medical condition.More

artwork by Lee Jack Morton
Ode to the Death Angel by Clyde Kennard(read at his funeral)
Oh here you come again
Old chilly death of Ol'
To plot out life
And test immortal soul
I saw you fall against the raging sea
I cheated you then and now you'll not catch me
I know your face
It's known in every race
Your speed is fast
And along the way
Your shadow you cast
High in the sky
You thought you had me then
I landed safely
But here you are again
I see you paused upon that forward pew
When you think I'm asleep
I'm watching you
Why must you hound me so everywhere I go?
It's true my eyes are dim
My hands are growing cold
Well take me on then, that
I might at last become my soul

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