Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holman Rocks On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio...

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The Latest Edition Of Holman Unleashed Is Stupid Crazy Fresh Yo!!!
Michael Holman a.k.a. The Hip Hop Dick Clark!!!

Video: Opening Theme For Grafitti Rock Featuring Host Michael Holman, Special K, Kool Moe Dee And The Famous NYC Breakers That Holman Managed Back In The Day:

Meet Michael Holman A.K.A. The Father Of Hip Hop TV!!!
Holman Broke Down The Science Of The Formation Of Graffiti Rock, The First Hip Hop TV Show In History...Holman, Playing The Role Of The Mad Scientist, Dissected The Method To His Madness In The Creation Of His Seminal Magnum Opus For Our Faithful Listeners...

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Video: Michael Holman(In Those Throwback Glasses) Introducing Run DMC With Monique And Prince Vince a.k.a. Vincent Gallo:

He Made It Plain for Our Listeners What It Takes To Build A Dream Into A Reality When It Seems The World Is At Odds With You...He Talked About How Graffiti Rock Was A Stepping Stone For Many Up And Coming Stars Such As Debi Mazar Of Entourage Fame, Actor And Indie Film Director Vincent Gallo And The First Glimpse Of A Little Known Hip Hop Group Known As Run DMC!!!

Before Yo Mtv Raps, BET Rap City And VH 1 There Was Graffiti Rock

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