Friday, August 24, 2007

New Niggerati Elite Question The Authenticity Of What Is And Ain't Black Art On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio...

August's Theme Is
"We Are The Renaissance..."

This Past Sunday (August 19, 2007) I Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing Some Of The Best Literary Artists Of This Generation Regardless Of Color...

We At W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio Were Also Blessed With A Surprise In The Person Of Bro. Lamont Carey, A True Renaissance Man In His Own Right!!! He Shared His Jewels Of Wisdom And Insight Along With The Rest Of Our Wonderful And Gifted Guests And Fitted In Comfortably...

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Please Listen To The Actual Show Yourself And Tell Us What You Think:

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The Following Is A Summary Of Who Was On The Show In Addition To Bro. Lamont Carey:

A.) Award Winning And In Demand Author Bro. Mat Johnson A.K.A. Mr. Niggerati

Bro. Mat Johnson

About Hunting In Harlem
In HIH, my goal was to tell a well plotted book that could transcend the pitfalls of the concept-driven narrative. Translation: I wanted a good story that wasn’t predictable. While the surface topic is Harlem’s gentrification, for me it was really a dialogue about the dangers of belief and fanaticism, written as it was in post 9/11 NYC.

Hunting in Harlem is a satire, but hopefully with moments of tension as well. It is also an in-group discussion about the future of the black community for this first generation to come of age in a post-Civil Rights world. What do we do now that, after centuries of struggle, white people are not our biggest problem anymore?
More Books By Bro. Mat Johnson:

B.) Author Extraordinaire, Entrepreneur And Enamored With The Culture Of Hip Hop Sis. Shamontiel L. Vaughn a.k.a. Maroon Sista

About Shamontiel's New Book Round Trip
College graduation is usually the time to collect a cap and gown, pick a career, and set foot in the real world. For three graduates, their graduation days will be yet another crash course. Memo reaches out to Seleste, but his recently paroled father pulls his attention another way. Jermaine believes in no secrets in marriage, but after proposing to Cara, she may not be ready to divulge the truth, regardless of what her ex-fling Arnez decides. The wedding is in Atlanta, the graduation is in Chicago, unfinished business is in the boroughs of New York, and news that one of the crew may have AIDS is circulating. How will they cope?

Check out Sis. Shamontiel L. Vaughn's debut on W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio:

Sis. Shamontiel Vaughn's 2nd Appearance On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio With American Civil Rights Movement Veteran Sherie Lebedis:

Also, feel free to visit to find out more background information on the Sis. Shamontiel Vaughn and to purchase her books.

C.) Critically Acclaimed And Talented Wordsmith A.K.A. The Poet Laureate Of The New Niggerati Bro. Aaron Van Jordan

About M-A-C-N-O-L-I-A
Poet A. Van Jordan has written a suite of poems that imagine the life of MacNolia Cox, the first black finalist in the National Spelling Bee Competition.

In his book M-A-C-N-O-L-I-A, Jordan uses a variety of forms and voices to portray Cox's life. The poems draw on blues, jazz and prose stylings to depict racism and the Depression, two elements that framed life in 1936.

Hear Bro. Aaron Van Jordan Talking ABout M-A-C-N-O-L-I-A On NPR Radio:

2002 Pen/Oakland Josephine Miles Award. 2004 Whiting Writers Award, Anisfield-Wolf Book Award. Pushcart Prize, 2006.

Recent Publications:
A. Van Jordan is the author of Rise published by Tia Chucha Press in 2001, and M-A-C-N-O-L-I-A published by WW Norton Co. in 2004. His new book, Quantum Lyrics, is forthcoming from W.W. Norton.

Poet Van Jordan wins Guggenheim Fellowship

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