Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jimmie Lunceford The Forgotten King Of Swing...

"Jimmie Lunceford has the best of all bands. Duke [Ellington] is great, [Count] Basie is remarkable, but Lunceford tops them both."
-- Legendary Swing Band Leader Glenn Miller

"Jimmy Lunceford was buried here in Memphis. The spot he occupies should have something of a special significance. ... He took a group of relatively unsophisticated Memphis colored boys and welded them into an organization which scaled the heights of musical eminence. ... He presented something new in the way of musical presentations by Negro orchestras."
--Legendary Memphis Educator And Syndicated Columnist Nat D. Williams

Ladies And Gentlemen Meet The Greatest Swing Band Leader You Never Heard Of...

Jimmie Lunceford Was The First High School Band Director In The City of Memphis...He Started His Professional Band By Training His Students!!! He Went On To Become One Of The Most Famous People In America During His Time, But 60 Years Later He Now Lays In His Grave @ The Famous Elmwood Cemetery In Memphis,Tn...Buried With His Wonderful Legacy... Forgotten By Many Through The Passage Of Time...Until Now!!!

Please Join Us This Oct. 19-21, 2007 For The First Annual Jimmie Lunceford Jamboree Festival In Memphis, Tn To Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of One Of The Greatest Musicians And Visionaries That Memphis And The United States Of America Has Ever Produced, But Before I Get Too Far Ahead Of Myself Let's Begin By Reading And Listening More To The Lunceford Legacy To See Why He Is Worthy...

Recent Cover Story In Memphis Flyer About Jimmie Lunceford By Preston Lauterbach:

This Is An Article I Wrote On Jimmie Lunceford And Other Forgotten Memphis Music Greats Back In February:

Hear The Great Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra For Yourself To See Why He Is Considered By Many In The Know To Be The Greatest Of Them All:

Listen To Jazz Great, Educator And Lunceford Band Alum Gerald Wilson's Recollections Of Jimmie Lunceford In This Wonderful NPR Interview:

Also Hear The Band That Is Keeping His Band And Legacy Alive Today:

Tune Into W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio On August 26,2007 @ 4PM Central/ 5PM Eastern For A Special Tribute To The Life And Legacy Of Jimmie Lunceford:


Unknown said...

Thank you for helping to keep the Lunceford Legacy alive in the hearts and minds of jazz/big-band music lovers everywhere.
It is deeply appreciated.

Please consider us your friends and brothers in this valiant undertaking.
Hoping to hook up with you soon.

Jimmie Lunceford Legacy Orchestra

Anonymous said...

Keep me updated on the details, Ron! I may be able to work some things out for that time.
Many Blessings,