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Fighting For A Dream: The Struggle Continues But Protesters Keep Their Eyes On The Prize…Tha Artivist Reports...

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

--Dr. King from his "Strength to Love" speech (1963).

On an unseasonably warm and beautiful Saturday afternoon (Dec. 9, 2007) 150 plus people gathered at the National Civil Rights Museum for a rally to make the public at large aware of the ongoing power struggle between The National Civil Rights Museum Board of Directors and The Lorraine Museum Community Oversight Committee…The rally was organized by the Judge D’Army Bailey and Attorney Laurice Smith led Lorraine Motel Community Oversight Committee…People of all races, gender and walks of life gathered for the public display of outrage concerning the current board alleged misinterpretations and application of the victories gained from the modern American Civil Rights Movement…

Currently the NCRM Board is 73% Corporate controlled with Blacks, the major players in the American Civil Rights Movement, having a very small representation...Also there are no grassroots American civil rights veterans represented on the board, something inexcusable by many considering there are many still alive and active…After all they were the ones who were on the front lines that sacrificed and even lost countless comrades to the sometimes bitter and harsh realities of the movement to ensure liberty and justice for all…Passionate and colorful rhetoric from the featured speakers which included noted civil rights veterans, a promising student leader and politicians combined with passionate response from the audience electrified the air and added to further embed the rally’s catch phase “History Not For Sale “ into the consciousness of the Memphis Community at large…
Beautiful freedom singing performed by Sis. Margaret Block and Sis. Winters got the crowd singing and swinging in harmony and unity…Part rally, part church service, part history lesson and part reunion the event served in uniting segments of a very fragmented and segregated Memphis community into an universal cry for freedom…

All Photos Are Courtesy of R2C2H2 Tha Artivist...The Following Are Some Highlights And Quotes From Some Of The Featured Speakers:

Civil Rights Labor Leader Bill Lucy

“It’s our duty to get a board that reflects this community…Here in Memphis, TN our society killed Dr. King…We want community people on board…This institution is going to reflect the struggle of 1300 sanitation workers…We’ll be back until we reach a point when the board of this foundation reflects our goal…”

Civil Rights Veteran And Politician Marion Barry
“We have a great rich history…We can’t forget…We must struggle, we must fight against injustice wherever it is…We don’t want any crumbs, we want the whole pie…Some think Corporate America runs America but they ain’t going to run this board…Take the Corporate out keep the America…Don’t give up, give out or give in…”

TN State Rep. Barbara Cooper

“We been caught asleep at the wheel…We don’t have a lot of history displayed and must keep this…We need people down here to teach non-violence…They (young people) don’t have anything to lift their self-esteem…”

Community Activist Isaac Mitchell

“If you try to sell out the museum in the backroom you got another thing coming…The fight goes on…”

Student Leader Anthony White of the University of Memphis

“This is a legacy, this is our legacy, this is the people’s legacy and we must keep it truthful for our children’s children…We must take the time and opportunity to preserve and keep this legacy…Peace and perseverance prevails…Let’s be peaceful and tactful…”

TN State Rep. G.A. Hardaway
“Beautiful faces of freedom stay involved and know like all good movements you got to have that young blood….If they knew better, they’ll do better…”

Mississippi Civil Rights Veteran Willie Blue
“Don’t let your museum be like my cap pistol…Don’t let them see, don’t let them hold it…Nobody can sell it like we can sell it…You got to be like a dirt diver…He hauls his own dirt and do his own diving…”

Civil Rights Veteran And Grassroots Community Activist Deke Pope

“This is the site of the crucifixion of Dr. King…He was our modern day Moses…Whenever there’s a crucifixion a resurrection must also take place…We ask you all to join in on this resurrection…We want this museum to be a first class museum…We can not allow people to make this sacred site a profit site…”

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