Sunday, December 30, 2007

R.I.P. To The World's Greatest Pianist...Oscar Peterson (1925-2007)

Tha Artivist Writes: Oscar Peterson was one of the most accomplished musicians of any era...He was Black, Proud And Gifted...He was a great example of where one's talent(s) can take you if you take the time to invest and develop them...He understood, even after his stroke, that his gifts were not for him, but for the world...As long as people are appreciating good and great music Oscar Peterson shall live in every note and chord change and smiling face...

We must make it our duties as the beneficiaries of Bro. Peterson's gifts to share the good news with our kids...It is so important that Black Youths in particular and youths in general have heroes and sheroes that we take the time to love and give them...We need to stop looking at other people for advice about who we should love and respect...All of those decisions are matters of the heart...A person must love the people he or she serves if they expect the people to love them back...Oscar Peterson knew this and for that we love you madly Bro. Peterson!!!

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