Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Gathering Proves To Be A True Meeting Of The Minds…Tha Artivist Reports

A Gathering Of The Minds : Organizer Tracey Parker (Left) And Friends

On Saturday evening Dec. 9 people lucky enough in attendance were treated to a delightful and spiritually moving display of the breath of the Black Experience through the art of words and motivation at the J.E. Walker House on 1109 Mississippi Blvd…

The Gathering organized by longtime Memphis resident and recent Charlotte, NC transplant Ms. Tracey Parker provided hefty portions of food for thought for all in attendance…

Renaissance Brothers And Titans Of Black Thought And Expression: Vincent "Coach V" Williams (left) and El Hakim (right)

The featured artists were popular Memphis spoken word artist El Hakim The Poet

and well known motivational speaker and author Vincent “Coach V” Williams
( http://www.mytruedestiny.com/ )

El Hakim True Lyrical Ridah

El Hakim wowed the audience with his lyrical dexterity and mind blowing metaphors all rolled up into a r & b smooth vocal delivery…And like Gil Scott Heron and other socially conscious artists before and since he was able to incite meaningful introspection as well as retrospection from the audience on the state and ills of Black America today...Lines like

"So Many Lives Are Destroyed And Ruined Because People Don't Know They Doin'" or "Preachers Are Professional Pick Pockets...Posing As Prophets Or Posing For Profit...Peddling Prayer With Scare Tactics" as well as his unique play on words such as "television= telling lies visually" left the audience spellbound, speechless and wanting more as they hinged onto every syllable that rolled off his tongue and jumped off his lips, taking a frre falling yet directed dive into the pool of the collective audience's consciousness...

Coach V for Victory

Coach V. Is Also A Fan Of Tha Artivist

Coach V also offered his own pearls of wisdom in his equally gripping and charismatic way…Coming from a long line of gospel ministers and musicians from his native Mobile, Alabama, Coach V knows the importance of stage presence and presentation…He also stated that a balance life is the key to unlocking one's life potential...Coach V relayed to the audience eager for news you can use that "inner peace+preparation+action+appearance+attitude+professionalism= positive results"...He also knows the importance of finding one’s true destiny or calling…Coach V believes that you should “know who you are or you might try to be someone else”…He also believes that “every human being desires a destination that characterizes success and to reach your own destiny you must define your own success”...

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