Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life Tips From Coach V....

Coach V. Is Also A Fan Of Tha Artivist

On Saturday Dec. 9 @ The Gathering Event @ the J.E. Walker House in the heart of South Memphis, Vincent "Coach V." Williams shared with us some tips on how to live your like it's golden and with purpose...I took some notes but like Lamar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow "but don't just take my word for it":

1.) Know Who You Are Or Might Try To Be Someone Else

2.) Every Human Being Desires A Destination That Characterizes Success

3.) With Each Choice We Custom Design Our Destiny

4.) To Reach Your True Destiny You Must Define Your Own Success

5.) Don't Chase The Money Follow Your Passions

6.) Leadership Is A Role That We Play Rather Than A Life That We Lead

7.) Keep Trying Until You Get The Odds In Your Favor

8.) A Job Is Employment Created By The Success Of Somebody Else's Dreams

9.) Fear Is An Emotion Or Apprehension Creating False Images Of Failure

10.) We Inventory Our Failure, Pain And Fear

11.) Downsize To Pursue The Desires Of Your Heart

12.) Within Every Human Being Resides A Dream

13.) Love And Family Are Verbs

14.) We Like Comfort Even When It's Negative

15.) Reaching Your True Destiny Is A Balancing Cooperation Between God's Will And Your Free Will

If You Want To Know More Please Buy The New Book How Do I Reach My True Destiny? Available At Coach V.'s Official Website:

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