Monday, May 31, 2010

MY Problem With Political Prisoner Cases

Dear Brother Kwasi,

I am using this method to respond to your problem with the cases of Black Political Prisoners.

The situation/ignorance/slave-conditioning is worse than that. Although we have many political prisoners, they and their supporters have chosen to pay white/Jewish lawyers to go into a domestic court and plead ridiculous defenses like, " I wasn't there, the evidence was tainted, and my trial lawyer was incompetent. I am not saying that these defenses do not exist, what I am saying and what I have said to their families is that these lawyers are taking you to the wrong court. /Cases of political prisoners are tried in an international arena, not the arena of the hostile government. I have represented Imam Jamil Al-Amin, and worked on the case of Sgt. Akbar, and have corresponded with Mulutu Shakur, but all of their backers have chosen to pay the white/Jewish tricksters who have all been unsuccessful. Then when this is unsuccessful the backers of the Black Liberation Army, Black Panthers and MOVE beg/plead and request the white/Jewish/Negro Parole Boards to set them free for conducting a war. You are right the letters and pleas are I am sorry I have been a bad boy and you can count on me to be good from now on? Or. I am so damn old and feeble, what harm can I do?

These heroes deserve better because you are right instead of coming out like Mandela there liberation work is being trivialized and ignored.

The shame is that most of them can be released by an International Court. Today a white political prisoner held in Peru by the name of Laurie Berensen was released by the Inter-American Human Rights Court. Most of our political prisoners can be similarly release because most of them are and have been in solitary confinement since there capture. This is a violation of the Torture Convention, and most of them have been denied procedural due Process, and get this. All of them have the right to make war against the United States, and the UN would agree with us. The UN has sent rapporteur after rapporteur to the US and has condemned the U.S Supermaxes and the oppressed state of the African descendants. They know our situation and that these brothers have the right to self-determination, but they cannot move forward with the case being presented.

This means that we have a good chance to have them released from solitary confinement and obtain a ruling that they are political prisoners instead of criminals. This would allow them to be transferred to a Federal facility or an Army base near their homes. Most of them have been so badly treated that they are in need of mental health services. They are not crazy, some of them are depressed.

So, if you want to free Mumia, Imam Jamil Al-Amin, Mutulu,Ruchell Magge, Sundiata and the others and not their lives be wasted you will contact us and stop the insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing the same way and getting the same result. I hopefully can re-engage the other international lawyers in our group who are totally frustrated with this situation, before it is too late. Comrade Bashir Hamed died 6 months ago in a prison hospital surrounded by guards. This is a shame.

Dr. Mustafa Ansari
Chief Justice, Indigenous African American Reparations Tribunal
Author, "Defining Change" A Reparations Guide
Plebiscite and African Reconciliation Project

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