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Solar's Baby Mamma Speaks Out On The Relationship Between Solar & Gang Starr's Guru...

Tasha Denham: "Just To Get A Rep?"
The last week has stung the eyes and hearts of Hip Hop fans. Since the late 1980s, Keith "Guru" Elam gave us street scripture in poetical parables, weathered wisdom and a signature voice of reason. As if the announcement of Guru's death to cancer has not hurt enough, controversies have swept the media trying to understand Guru's last days, his bizarre relationship with musical partner John "Solar" Mosher and a suspicious and damaging last letter.

As the truths come to the light, one courageous woman has come forward. Tasha Denham considers herself a friend to Guru. On two different occasions, they temporarily lived under the same roof between 2006 and 2008. She was also an employee of Guru and Solar's 7 Grand Records, having served a tenure as Executive Assistant within the four-person operation. Lastly, Denham has a young daughter, that she says was fathered by Solar. Having witnessed those two-plus years on a personal, private and professional level, Tasha Denham's accounts come from one of the few people who was privy to the tight circle Solar and Guru kept.

This jaw-dropping and quite-lengthy interview was conducted just minutes after midnight this morning (April 27). As the contents below suggest, it is one first-hand account on the last chapter in the life of one of the most respected emcees in Hip Hop. Merely one person's testimony, but suspicions of foul-play are confirmed in vivid detail, and some background information is provided at a time when all of us who knew Guru, loved him, or lived by his verses are looking for answers.

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