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The Truth Minista: Join The Battle For The Minds Of Afrikan People

Join The Battle For The Minds Of Afrikan People

We are putting a call out to our greatest Afrikan minds to form "Militant Mind Militias" across the country.

Although, we have been conditioned to fear the term "militant" or over romanticize the word, in reality, the word, simply, means "aggressively active." In this case, the only weapons that I am suggesting are Knowledge and Truth, for these are the most powerful weapons on Earth. The challenge is that we must get "aggressively active" in waking up our people before it is too late.

The enemies of Afrikan people aggressively organizing to reduce Afrikan people to a fate far worst than chattel slavery, They are collectively working to rewrite Afrikan history and change the whole definition of "Blackness, racism, white supremacy, etc.

While many of our people are arguing over who will win the NBA championship, white supremacists are planning ways to re-enslave Afrikan people, mentally and physically.

Many of us in the conscious community have been involved in study groups, over the years. I think that most of us will have to admit that most of them have done nothing but give black folks an opportunity to vent or "out black" each other. Whatever our study groups have been they have not been "functional" for the most part in developing strategies and propaganda to challenge the doctrine of white supremacy. We must seriously ask ourselves what is the purpose of gaining Knowledge if we do not use it to oppose Ignorance? What is the purpose of seeking Truth if not to counter Lies. And what is the purpose of seeking Light if not to defeat the powers of Darkness?

While we have been busy bickering over petty "beefs," the agents of white supremacy have been developing "talking points" in their think tanks. This is why you hear the same anti-Afrikan propaganda being repeated over and over again such as "How can you blame us for slavery, when Africans had slaves," or "you should be glad you were brought to America to get 'civilized." Since we have been so busy fighting amongst ourselves, these simple weak minded statements have gone, unchallenged.

So, we are making a call to our greatest thinkers, scientists, researchers, Truth seekers, etc, to help us form Militant Mind Militias.

The process is simple. As the white supremacist "Tea Party" has no real leadership; neither do the Militant Mind Militias, we are united to perform two simple tasks; to supply the masses of our people with information and to counter the anti-Afrkan propaganda of white supremacy with Truth.

In his essay "The Black Child," Dr. Bobby Wright challenged us to develop a "Black social theory." He wrote that "Education is political and dynamic and for a people who have no social theory, reading, writing and arithmetic should be much less important than what is written and read." So, this is the task of our scientists.

Our researchers must form teams to dispute Anti-Afrikan propaganda. For every issue being discussed in the media, our researchers must give an Afro-centric perspective and show it's relevancy to Afrikan people.

Also, we must develop ways to get information to the people. I want to make this clear as this has been a stumbling block on our road to Liberation. This is not about selling books, DVDS or arranging public lectures, this is about sacrificing a small amount of time and effort to wake up the masses. Once the masses are awake, you don't have to worry about having to hustle to get speaking engagements or sell books or DVD's, because once our people are conscious they will devote the resources that they use to party and buy Tyler Perry movies to purchase positive information. So by raising the consciousness of our people, we all benefit in the long run.

So, I appeal to all those with Internet radio shows, blogtalk radio or public radio shows to join forces and share information with the masses and our researchers must share information with those who have radio shows. Also, we must develop Youtube, Facebook and Twitter operations to get information quickly to our people. Also, we must ask our scholars to "leak" some of their lectures to the Internet, so they can be burned and distributed to the masses who do not have computer access.

Lastly, one thing that other racial groups do is develop long lists of media contacts and call in numbers to talk shows. We must develop such a list in order to counter the white supremacist propaganda. We must learn how to "bum rush" Right Wing call in lines at specific times to make sure that our positions get through. The Militant Mind Militia must also offer moral and informational support to those who publicly challenge the proponents of white supremacy.

Let it be noted that the most unifying activity in which we can engage is the dissemination of information. All Afrikan people can participate and it cuts across class, egos, agendas, etc.

Please pass this on to your contacts.

Paul Scott writes for No Warning Shots He can be reached at or (919) 451-8283
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