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Parable Of Malcolm's Killer

AP file
New York City Police Sgt. Alvin Aronoff, left, grips hands of 22-year-old Thomas Hagan in the emergency room of Jewish Hospital in New York on Feb. 21, 1965, Hagan was wounded earlier that day. Hagan, one of three men convicted of killing civil rights leader Malcolm X, has been granted release.

Parable Of Malcolm's Killer
He was rewarded for his dastardly crime by a dastardly society universally known for murder and mayhem.

Why wouldn't he be rewarded with his freedom after killing one of
America's most dangerous men, simply because he spoke the truth, the low
down dirty truth about America, her dirty linen, her funky drawers, her
bloody cum filled panties. Yes, Malcolm told it all, in the tradition
of David Walker, Henry Highland Garnett, Garvey, DuBois, and of course
Malcolm's teacher, Elijah Muhammad.

Why wouldn't America free the killer of Malcolm? He silenced Big Red, the main man screaming in the belly of the beast. You gave him a stamp, a movie, streets and schools
named after him, yet you disrespect him by freeing his cold blooded
killer, who slaughtered him in front of his wife and children.

Yes, the killer walked. He shall get a book contract and make millions as
the man who slew the King, Malik, also called our black shining prince, a
troubled warrior who defied his teacher that taught him trust no one,
not even Elijah himself.

Listen to your teacher, don't defy him. He taught you security. Yet agents were your body guards, New York police agents in black face, self confessed, who gave you mouth to mouth
resuscitation. Why would the police try to save your life? It was high
drama. Why would the police apprehend the co-conspirators? It's a funky

The killer walked. He will get his brownie points, a book, a movie, maybe a medal of freedom. He killed the preacher of truth for the father of lies! Where the Nation of Islam was involved, it
cannot be absolved. Those who fanned the flames cannot be forgiven. They
were as dastardly as the killer(s).

And yet, the division in our community must be healed. The martyrdom of Malcolm, Malik Shabazz, is similar to the Sunni killing of the Shia imams. There is an eternal pain in the Shia community, and there is a similar pain in the black community. There must be communal healing of this trauma and unresolved grief.

It has poisoned our spiritual life, intellectual life and political life. There are those who hate Islam as a result of Malcolm's assassination, no matter the US Government's role in the affair--and
strangely many of those who hate Islam have no similar hatred of America, so there is an addiction to white supremacy in the anti-Islamic haters.

Intellectually, scholars with a Malcolm bias have written revisionist history, blinded by their emotional bias, unable to put the NOI in perspective. No matter how one might try, one cannot go
from Garvey to Malcolm in any realistic historical analysis, yet our scholars suffer a myopia when attempting to put Malcolm in his proper perspective.

Politically, at some point we must understand shit happens in revolution! Persons are betrayed, assassinated, ostracized.

This is the nature of revolution. The black revolution was no different than the French, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, African. Get over it! Accept the pain of Malcolm, the tears in the night.

And how many of you who say you love him so much have done a damn thing he said? You
haven't done nothing Malcolm said, for that matter, you haven't done anything anyone said, whether Malcolm, Martin, Elijah, Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Jesus, Muhammad or Buddha!

We must attain revolutionary maturity and stop crying crocodile tears over events of the past. We
must move on, understanding the actors played their parts, now the drama is over. The end.

Yes, the killed has walked onto the stage of life, but it shall be short lived--what price glory?
It would be better that he died long ago than face the wrath of the people who loved
Malcolm as their brother, son, and black shining prince.
--Marvin X

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