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Frederick Jermaine Carter Hanging 7 Months Later:The Crime Scene

The Crime Scene

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Still Strange Fruit & Reasonable Doubt: Touring The Fred Carter Hanging Crime Scene 4/22/2011 


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FBI Investigates Shots Fired Into State Sen. David Jordan’s Greenwood Home


By Bro. Ron a.k.a. R2C2H2 Tha Artivist
W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News Special Report...

I apologized to Mrs. Brenda Carter-Evans for my conduct and she said it was ok and so I got in my car with my friend and travel companion, the beautiful and insightful Sis. Sheena Clark, and we joined the police escorted caravan making its way to the actual scene of the crime which is actually outside the city limits in pre-dominantly white North Greenwood (Leflore County itself is about 73% percent Black)… The crime scene is in a wooded area off the gravel road section of Puckett Avenue between East Claiborne Avenue and Robert E. Lee Drive...
The Dog Pound Near Scene Of Crime & Mysterious White Man From White Pick-up Truck

The area where the crime scene exists is on private property (owned by Greenwood Riverbend Development according to property records)  near the levee which ran along the Yazoo River which is formed by the joining of the Yalobusha River and the Tallahatchie river (yes the same one where they found Emmett Till’s mangled body over 50 years ago )…Witnesses allegedly saw Fred Carter running along the levee of the Yazoo River shortly before he was found hanging from a  tree…Why was he running or rather who or what was he running from?  The tree where Frederick Jermaine Carter was found hanging from is right across from a dog pound full of young pups who are seemingly being raised to be hunting dogs…hmmm...

While We Investigated, A White Man In A White Pick-up Truck Appeared On The Scene To Feed The Dogs In The Pound...Was He Part Of The Same Group Of White Men Who Confronted Brenda Carter-Evans In December?

A source close to the case said that Brenda Carter-Evans shortly after her son was found went to the scene with another supporter and was confronted by 3 white men in a white pickup truck who asked the grieving mother what she was doing on private property? She approached one of the men with her arms crossed as if she was concealing a weapon and told them that her son was murdered and hanged from a tree on the property to which the white man jumped back as if she put a hex on him or seen a ghost….Luckily nothing transpired that day…

First of all viewing the crime scene first hand and the area where it was located, predominantly white North Greenwood, I immediately thought I could not see myself traveling there on my own as a Black man all too familiar with the history of 'The Smiling Sleepy South With Blood On Its Mouth'…Besides Sis. Sheena and myself  the caravan included Sen. David Jordan, The SCLC entourage headed by SCLC Pres. Howard Creecy, Jr., Brenda Carter-Evans & her husband Luell Evans, Attorney Valerie Hicks Powe, Rep. Willie Perkins,  several police officers as well as some observers from the press conference…Bro. Wendol Lee who was still incensed by how he was treated at his own press conference did not come…

Needless to  say the crime scene even in bright sunshine was very eerie and spooky and I could not imagine any Black person being safe in the vicinity….Ominously a white pickup truck appeared which caught us all by surprise…This time there was one white man in this truck…He parked and inquired about our presence on private property from some of the police and proceeded to go feed the dogs locked in the pound nearby…I sensed that maybe he was sent there to spy on us by the folks who probably actually knew more about what happened to Frederick Jermaine Carter than many of us could ever fathom…Well I also couldn’t help but think that the dogs also knew what went down as well and if they have had a hand in the demise of this young man chasing him up and down the levee alongside the Yazoo River…  

Another shock to us was to find the table that supposedly was so instrumental in the death of Frederick Jermaine Carter sitting there by the tree almost 5 months after his body was discovered….Dr. Howard Creecy, Jr., wondered out loud if this was what the boy used to kill himself then why wasn’t it taken from the crime scene and labeled as evidence? Also we questioned was the table strong enough to hold Frederick Carter if he attempted to hang himself??? Sheriff Ricky Banks admitted to W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News that they had to reconstruct the table at the crime scene…Why did they reconstruct the table at the crime scene, is that not tampering with evidence? 

Also the tree limb was about 8 feet or so in the air so how would 5’4” 143 lbs. Frederick Carter be able to reach limb on a flimsy non-functional table? The ground around the tree was soft and squishy...Why would the Sheriff say that the only footprints found were Frederick’s when the ground was so soft and squishy that it was easy for anyone without much effort to make footprints into especially if folks were in the area collecting evidence without securing the crime scene? Did Sheriff Banks and his people take photos of "Frederick's footprints"? 

According to The Greenwood Commonwealth,  Leflore County Coroner Debra Sanders estimated that Carter died at least 24 hours before 12:30 p.m. central Friday, when his body was found hanging from a tree...Also State Sen. David Jordan said that folks familiar with the area and who were known to feed the 30 dogs located in the pound nearby did not see a body hanging the morning of December 3, 2010, from the tree (once again his body was discovered 12:30pm central that Friday)…If this is the case then was Frederick Jermaine Carter killed somewhere else and brought to the location where his body was found? Another question is that if the area is frequented by human beings on a daily basis then how would Frederick Jermaine Carter have enough time to elaborately kill himself in such a fashion?  Although the area is wooded it is not as remote from civilization as the powers that be would have you believe…

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