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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Weds. 7/13/2011 @ 9pm c/10pm e/7pm p*"Natchez Burnin': The Rhythm Night Club Fire Of 1940"


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Air Date: Weds. July 13, 2011

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topic: "Natchez Burnin': The Rhythm Night Club Fire Of 1940"

Featured Guests...
*Sis. Rosalie Hawkins~One of The Last Survivors Of The Rhythm Night Club Fire Of 1940

*Sis. Eugenia B. Perry~Lost Aunt, Sis. Ruth Reedy Brown In The Rhythm Night Club Fire Of 1940

*Sis. Thelma White~Lost Best Friend & Classmate, Sis. Ruth Reedy Brown, In The Rhythm Night Club Fire Of 1940

*Bro. Bryan Burch
Musician & Documentary Filmmaker, "Rhythm Club Fire"

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*Bro. Monroe & Sis. Betty Sago~Founders Of The Rhythm Night Club Memorial Museum 

* Bro. Darrell White~African-American Heritage Tour Director For The City Of Natchez

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A Generation Lost
On April 23, 1940, A Promising Night Of Dancing, Drinking, Music
& Fun Quickly Turned Into A Nightmare When Decorative Spanish Moss Sprayed With Fuel Based Insecticide Was Lit &A Devilish Inferno Broke Out & Claimed 209 Souls...
Although The Hellish Blaze Lasted 15 Minutes It Left A Traumatic Scar  And Lifetime Of Pain For
The Survivors & Their Close Knit Community, Which They Have Yet To Recover From
Generations Later...

The two deadliest nightclub fires in US history are bookended around the start of the second world war. The second deadliest, the Rhythm Night Club fire, happened on April 23, 1940, barely 18 months before Pearl Harbor. The nightclub was located in Natchez, Mississippi and the fire killed 209 African-American party goers, while severely injuring many others.

The fire started sometime around 11:30 p.m. as members of the local Moneywasters Social Club were enjoying the song “Clarinet Lullaby” performed by Walter Barnes and His Royal Creolians orchestra from Chicago. The fire started at the main entrance door of the building and quickly engulfed the structure in flames.

Foretelling future nightclub fire disasters, flammable materials contributed to the speed and intensity of the fire, in this case, decorative Spanish moss was draped over the rafters. When burning, the moss generated flammable methane gas which fueled the fire. With windows boarded up to prevent outsiders from viewing or listening to the music, more than 300 people struggled to escape the building. A few managed to escape but most died from smoke inhalation or were crushed in the stampede to escape. Bandleader Barnes and nine members of his band were among the victims. Only three band members survived, one vowing never to play again. The cause of the fire is unknown but thought to be accidental, possibly related to a carelessly discarded match or cigarette.

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