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Frederick Jermaine Carter Hanging 7 Months Later: In Conclusion Some 23 Things To Ponder & Reconsider About The Frederick Jermaine Carter Case: Why???

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In Conclusion Some 23 Things To Ponder & Reconsider About The Frederick Jermaine Carter Case: Why???

By Bro. Ron a.k.a. R2C2H2 Tha Artivist
W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News Special Report...

Once again one must ponder and reconsider…

Frederick Jermaine Carter

1.)    Why hasn’t a substantive timeline narrative been established? In other words what time did Frederick and his stepfather leave the house and arrive at the painting job, what time did Luell leave Frederick by himself to buy supplies...What time did Luell come back to paint job and noticed Frederick gone etc.,...

2.)    Why wasn’t Luell Evans ever thoroughly interrogated about what he actually knows? Why hasn't he ever given an on-the-record explanation of his side of the story?

3.)     Why hasn’t  Attorney Valerie Hicks Powe filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Leflore County and the state of Mississippi if she feels that there was a murder conspiracy cover up by the powers that be ? 

4.)    Why is Attorney Valerie Hicks Powe telling folks that she doesn’t have the autopsy results when she has had both autopsy results, the state and the second, mailed to her and in her possession for several months now?

5.)    Why is Attorney Valerie Hicks Powe allegedly “withholding evidence” (the 2nd autopsy results?) to start a proper investigation into the death of Frederick Jermaine Carter?

6.)    How do these "obstructions" benefit or not benefit the interests of Brenda Carter-Evans and her family?

7.)    Who first reported Frederick Jermaine Carter hanging from the tree on private property? Was this person or people ever identified or interviewed?

8.)    Were residents in the area ever thoroughly interviewed about seeing a Black man in the area wandering up and down the levee and in the neighborhood?

9.)    Were the owner(s) of the private property (Greenwood Riverbend Development) where the crime scene is located, the owner(s) of the dog pound as well as the mysterious man or men in the white truck ever interviewed?

10.)    How can Leflore County Coroner Debra Sanders state that Frederick Jermaine Carter was dead for 24 hours when folks reportedly did not see a dead person hanging from the tree on the Friday morning of Dec. 3 (His body was discovered that day at 12:30pm central)? Was he killed somewhere else and then placed at that location as stated by State Sen. David Jordan?

11.)    Why didn’t Dr.Shaker completely sign off on manner of death if there wasn’t room for a second opinion or reasonable doubt?

12.)    Why does Leflore County Sheriff Banks believe that Valerie Hicks-Powe & Frederick Jermaine Carter’s family are withholding evidence?

13.)    If the table was a key component used in Frederick Jermaine Carter’s death then why wasn’t it taken to the crime lab as evidence?

14.)    Why wasn’t a stress test performed to see if the table was strong enough to support Frederick Jermaine Carter?

15.)    Why did Sheriff Ricky Banks “tamper” with the evidence by reconstructing the table?

16.)    Why wasn’t the crime scene professionally preserved?

17.)    Why hasn’t the state of Mississippi release the toxicology and photos of the first autopsy?

18.)    Why wasn’t the Nation Of Islam given a copy of the second autopsy for which they fully paid for?

19.)    Did Frederick Jermaine Carter carry a wallet? If so then what happened to it and why wasn’t it listed as one of his items in his possession on his autopsy report?

20.)    If Frederick Jermaine Carter was found dead within 48 hours and only 2 miles from his original work site in a pre-dominantly white residential area not familiar to him and allegedly hostile to Blacks and strangers then why weren’t their more sightings and reports of his presence to law enforcement agencies by concerned citizens leading up to his demise?

21.)    “His clothing was intact. There was nothing out of place. His shirt was tucked into his pants with a belt on. His hands were not tied. There was nothing in disarray,” ~Leflore County Coroner Debra Sanders

Banks had said earlier that investigators thought the man was a painter because his clothes and hands were spattered and smudged with paint.~The Greenwood Commonwealth from article entitled “Sheriff: Hanging apparent suicide” 12/5/2010)

“If you stand (Carter) up on the table, he still can’t reach the tree”~Wendol Lee, Operation Help Civil Rights Group

If Frederick Jermaine Carter had long and unkempt fingernails and was 5’ 4” tall and 143 pounds according to the state autopsy report how could he had hanged himself from a tree limb that was at least 8 feet off the ground without getting any residue from the tree found underneath his fingernails since he would have to climb or be in close contact with the tree to tie the rope around the tree limb? Frederick was a painter by trade and he had (according to Sheriff Banks and the Greenwood Commonwealth) paint "smudged and splattered" all over his hands and clothes which means to me that although he may have been proficient in painting he still was a messy practitioner of his craft…So why would he now be a “perfectionist “ so stealthily able to take his own life without being a little messy in the process? Even if he stood on the table and pushed off as “the authorities said” he still wouldn’t be able to reach the tree limb standing on the table alone to secure the rope properly…Would this act of climbing the tree also leave his clothes “in disarray” with possibly some dirt and debris from said tree and would he incur some minor scratches on the skin from “climbing” or "engaging" the tree?  And why are there discrepancies between the documented appearance of Frederick Jermaine Carter by two law enforcement officials at the crime scene at the same time? How can he be neat in appearance and yet have paint smudged and splattered over hands and clothing?

22.)     “We found cut rope, but we didn’t see no knife. With that, there’s just a lot of stuff that’s not answered,”~Wendol Lee, Operation Help Civil Rights Group

Cut rope was found on Frederick Jermaine Carter but there was no knife or cutting device found in his possession…Where is the tool that he supposedly used to cut the rope to end his life? And why would he be carrying rope to a painting job in the first place?

23.)    Witnesses at the funeral home said that that were notable bruises and scratches on Frederick Jermaine Carter’s body while the law authorities disagree with that assessment.  Will the 2nd autopsy confirm their observations?

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