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Frederick Jermaine Carter Hanging 7 Months Later: A House Divided Cannot Stand Nor Function: A Failed Team Of Rivals…

 Good Friday Press Conference Attendee @ Crime Scene (Valerie Hickes Powe, Willie Perkins, Brenda Carter-Evans & Luell Evans) (4/22/2011)

A House Divided Cannot Stand Nor Function: A Failed Team Of Rivals…

(L) Operation Help Civil Rights Founder Wendol Lee & Supporters (R) Brenda Carter-Evans & Luell Evans

By Bro. Ron a.k.a. R2C2H2 Tha Artivist
W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News Special Report...

The press conference was the first time I met Valerie Hicks Powe…Almost since the beginning of this year I have been calling trying to reach out to her and her client Brenda Carter-Evans…I could never interview Brenda Carter-Evans on record without the approval of her representative from Birmingham, Alabama...Although Valerie has promised me an interview I have yet to this date to attain it...And probably after this article as long as she represents Brenda Carters-Evans I won’t hold my breath in getting it…

When I met Valerie Hicks Powe at the press conference I introduced myself to her and she immediately put the voice with the face…I also showed her the artwork I created inspired by case, “The Fire Never  Dies”….She was taken aback by it in a good way as was Frederick’s mom and step-father, but she went from admiring to then saying or rather demanding in the next breath that I was going to give the art to Mrs. Carter-Evans… I told her that I would make a print and quite possibly do another one for the Carter-Evans family…She suggested that I should give them one so they can use it to raise money…I told her I would also like to be compensated for my part in producing the work after all I spent literally hours and a small army of ink pens to produce it…Then Valerie Hicks Powe said something that to me implied that I was more of an opportunist using this case for my own selfish ends and not concerned at all with justice being done…Valerie Hicks Powe also stated that she and Brenda Carter-Evans have done my internet radio show several times before and was basically saying I was lying and being very ungrateful for their selfless cooperation with my organization…I do not know what happened, maybe it was a combination of the unusually hot Mississippi Delta sun at that time of the year, the lack of sufficient sleep over the last 24 hours  gathered with the shock of somebody I just met questioning my integrity that made me furious and filled with disgust for a person that I hardly knew…

I quickly responded that I do not take people questioning my integrity and sincerity lightly and that I have not made anything resembling a dollar off of this case…My involvement is because I do not want this case to  be swept under the rug like so many others and to help disseminate information to help galvanize support so that she could get those donations she craved so much…I also told Valerie Hicks Powe that I do not need to consult a calendar to know who’s been on my show and didn’t appreciate her calling me a pathological liar...

I also reminded her that she promised me an exclusive interview with her client on the W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio show  Wednesday night ,March 30, before their family press conference in Jackson, Mississippi on March 31…I even reminded her that she called me Tuesday March 29 (the day Bro. Wendol Lee held his press conference in Greenwood which received very favorable news coverage throughout Northern Mississippi) to tell me that they will do my show the next night…Needless to say it was frustrating that when Wednesday arrived that Valerie Hicks Powe would not return my phone calls, e-mails or texts to confirm their participation...I even called Brenda Carter-Evans right before showtime who said she wasn’t informed of the arrangements and steadfastly refused to do my show without the consent of her lawyer who couldn’t be reached…Very unprofessional and unethical to say the least… 

To her credit Mrs. Brenda Carter-Evans came to my defense and told her lawyer that indeed I was telling to the truth…Although I was vindicated I felt a fool for losing it like that…When playing poker or game of strategy one should never reveal one’s hand or lose one’s cool or to paraphrase JayZ, “one should never argue with fools cause people from a distance can’t tell who’s who…” However, this would not, believe it or not, be the last time Valerie and I would lock horns that day…

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