Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vets Need Support...Part 2

As you may know, today's Honolulu Advertiser (1/16/2007)Island Voices column
on the Editorial page featured my
"UPSET" about the lack of care for the
American Veterans.

By the end of the day I had gotten more than 30 emails and calls from
veterans who totally agreed with my article. However, the email below from
Brady Jones, a Marine veteran, broke my heart.

Upon reading it I felt so inadequate. There is nothing I can do but write to
you and ask for some help for a man who seeks help from you, "A Grateful
Nation", for the measure of devotion he gave willingly and honorably to his

Is war so horrible that we pretend that it did not happen and turn away from
our veterans? Due to transformation in our culture, a great public outcry is
changing things. It is our duty as citizens of the United States to see that
everything possible is done for our veterans. But what are we to do when our
government waves the flag and turns its back on the veterans. Please, I pray
thee; do not let any more harm come to Brady Jones a brave and wonderful

Julian Bond and MarshaRose Joyner
Aloha pumehana
Marsha Joyner

The following is the letter from Mr. Brady Jones:

Pic: "War" by Douglas Ljungkvist to see more of his work please click here

Good day Mrs. Joyner. My name is Brady Jones and I am a veteran of
the United States Marine Corps. I have been separated since April 1st
2005 and am currently pending a dis-ability increase. It seams like
it is taking forever for the government to come through and help me
with what I need to live. I suffer from complex regional pain
syndrome and have been on crutches for 8 months now. I'm E-mailing
you because it seamed like you know allot about the VA and you
actually care. Do you know who I can talk to or where I can find help
soon. I am constantly going more in debt, always on the verge of
becoming homeless, and am finding it more and more difficult everyday
to be a productive member of society instead of a leach because i just
don't make enough to live on. I collect welfare ,of which I am fairly
ashamed of, and I am getting $225.00 a month for my current
disability. I have my car for sale due to the fact that I need money
to buy food and pay rent. I'll stop right here instead of sharing all
my problems with you. I just contacted you because it seams like you
care and I need help. Please E-mail me back or call me. Sorry for
the bother. Have a good day and your article was phenomenal. Thank
you for your time, have a good day and God bless.

Brady Jones
(808) 230-0475

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