Monday, March 12, 2007

Words of Wisdom from Lady Hilll...

Potential is a magnificently glorious thing.
We all possess a great potential.
Yet, even more glorious than the possession of this potential
is the realization, reification, and fulfillment of that potential.
Seeing the potential
--that bit of God--
that lives in others,
thrills me and humbles me.
It is the force that makes me give...
The possibility alone that this resting potential in others will come to life lifts me.
...Be not afraid of who you are, for there is a potential--
a power, a story, a life--within you that is worth giving.
Let that Power within you be born.
~Devon L. Hill

There's Something About Devon...

Ms. Devon Hill a.k.a Lady Hill(left) is a good friend and supporter of Tha Artivist...She is also a very talented writer, artist and overall visionary...A true 'Renaissance woman' in every sense of the term...I have had the pleasure and honor of seeing the evolution of this young, gifted and beautiful leader and human being from up close as well as from afar...She is currently a Construction Crew leader for Habitat for Humanity out on the left coast (California)...To read more of her writings, musings, and view her interesting visual art please visit the following website:
Lady Hill is also an entrepreneur and Mary Kay rep...Use the following info to contact her if you are interested in some beautification products:
(731) 394-5025
Visit Lady Hill's Web site at
I leave you all with some more words of wisdom from Lady Hill:
Look in the mirror and see the world. Change Self. Change the World. Understand your Power.

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