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Celebrate Black History And Love All Day Every Day With Works By Tha Artivist...

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A.) Buy James Reese Europe: Jazz Lieutenant

*Named To The Smithsonian Institute's Jazz Books For Kids And Young Adults List*
Official Website:

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Buy An Autographed Copy Of R2C2H2 ‘s First Award Winning Book, James Reese Europe: Jazz Lieutenant.


Use PayPal or send $20 plus $5 shipping and handling to the following address:

Attn: Ron Herd II a.k.a. R2C2H2
P.O. BOX 752062
Memphis, Tn 38175

B.) As Always A Brother Is Doing Artastic Commissions!!!

As Always A Brother Is Doing Artastic Commissions!!!

C.) Buy R2C2H2 Art Prints Framed/Unframed

The Queen Of The Blues KoKo Taylor Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist...

Popular Louisiana Radio Personality Tony Brown (Left) And Marcus Jones, The Father Of The Jena 6's Mychal Bell, (Right) Are Fans Of Tha Artivist

Hip Hop Pioneer And Urban Arts Visionary Michael Holman Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist

Soul Music Legend And The Man Behind 'The Al Green Sound' Willie Mitchell Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist...

Living Civil Rights Legend And 2008 Recipient Of The U.S. Presidential Medal Of Freedom Dr. Benjamin Hooks Is A Fan Of
Tha Artivist...

The Queen Of The Blues KoKo Taylor Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist...

Progressive U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen(Tennessee District 9-D) Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist ...

The Queen Of Beale Street Ruby Wilson Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist...

Soul Music Icon Eddie Floyd a.k.a. Mr. Knock On Wood Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist...

The Great Award Winning Actress, Activist, Writer, Entrepreneur And Fitness Guru Jane Fonda Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist...

What the folks have been saying about R2C2H2 Art:

"Thanks so much for the incredible artwork and the efficient process!"
---Brian S. (New York,NY)

"She got the two pieces and loved them. Thank you so much for your dedication, work, and passion; it's quite inspiring. Keep in touch and keep on keepin on."
---Jon D. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

"R2C2H2's] work is very moving, it's detailed, it's

very inspirational...It speaks to the soul of viewers
who have passion about art, about life and about
people in general."
---Frieda Wheaton, Arts Advocate and
Board Member of the St. Louis Art Museum

[R2C2H2] has a love for life and a love for people
that bleeds over into his art…As a multi-faceted and
multi-talented artist, [R2C2H2] has risen to the ranks
of one of the nation's most promising voices. His art
speaks of legacy, maturity and hope. Through his art,
[R2C2H2] captures the depth of Jacob Lawrence, the
creative innovation of Charlie Parker, the sincerity
of Ralph Ellison, the spirituality of John Coltrane
and the social, political and economic commentary of
Tupac Shakur.
---Dr. Emmett Price III; Musician and Professor of
Music and African American Studies at Northeastern
University of Boston

Much like the jazz music that [R2C2H2] pays
tribute to, his artwork is spiritually informed and
speaks to people in a very humane and direct way.
[R2C2H2] is one of the most knowledgeable people that
I ever met, yet his artwork is not clouded in codes that prevent the layperson from understanding it.

Neither is it so simple as to be dismissed…The journey
through his consciousness took me to historical and
spiritual places carved out through abstractly formed
rhythmic and voluptuous bodies of jazz musicians,
African American heroes and martyrs.
---Chandra Williams; Visual Artist, Arts Educator And Founder Of THE BRILLIANT EASEL

What's The Price???
We are selling framed, matted, numbered, signed and ready to hang R2C2H2 Art (size, 16" x 20") for $60 plus $10 shipping + handling

I am also selling 11" x 17" (actual image size 11" x 14") unframed signed prints for the special limited price of $20 each plus $10 for shipping and handling

Check Out The Following Sites For Available R2C2H2 Art:
How To Place An Order...
Use my paypal account to pay your order or you can mail a check or money order to the following mailing address:

Attn: Ronald Herd II a.k.a. R2C2H2
P.O. Box 752062
Memphis,Tn 38175


E-mail with your exact order details (ex. The title(s) of unframed print/framed print (s), mailing address etc.,...)

Turn around is very quick and you will receive your item(s) in two to three business days upon after funds are received and processed.

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Popular Memphis News Personality Dee Griffith Is A Fan Of Tha Artivist

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