Monday, February 11, 2008

Schlumberger 2 Multiplies...Plaintiffs Ready To Break Their Silence...

Plaintiffs – Discrimination Lawsuit Against Oil Services
Giant, Schlumberger
(Ready to Break Their Silence)

Standing from left to right: Ms. Tawanna Thierry, Ms. Shirley Carhee, Ms.
Cassandra Rabius and Ms. LaShaunda Knight, Dr. Candi Hudson and others
were not present at the time of picture. African Americans and women of all
races are suffering within Schlumberger’s sound proof walls. The issues are not
just black and white, but “human”. Racism and sexism is woven deeply into the
culture of Schlumberger, and victims, as the ones illustrated in the above picture,
are speaking out. As the wise old phrase reads, “No one actually knows what
another goes through by being on the outside looking in.” All of these Plaintiffs
need your support during the most devastating time of their lives and careers.

As you may have already heard, and/or witnessed, Schlumberger employees
are standing up for justice against racism, sexism, and other discriminatory
practices of this corporation. The following facts come to mind:

- It is a fact that Schlumberger employs over 65, 000 worldwide with over
144 nationalities, but how effective would employee relations be without
sensitivity of “Diversity”?

- It is a fact that policies and procedures exist within Schlumberger, but
how effective are these “policies and procedures” without

- Lastly, it is a fact that Schlumberger may have hired independent
investigators to investigate, but how effective is “biased investigation,”
with the benefit of one side? (i.e. Schlumberger)

Prior to Schlumberger, none of the victims had ever known or communicated
with each other. In fact, each employee was hired within various geographical
locations, and held independent job titles and responsibilities. Regardless, these
plaintiffs’ allegations “mirrored” each others based on racism and/or sexism.
What are the odds? This only proves that they did not operate within an isolated
vacuum. Racism and sexism are of “real” concern within Schlumberger.

(Please reference the links below for additional information that also incorporates the support of Mr. Marcus Jones, who is the father of Mychal Bell of Jena 6, Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, as Mr. Joe Lawrence, Mr. Ronald Soileau, Mr. Matthew Soileau, Mr. Herman Soileau, Sister Krystal of the New Black Panther Party, and many other supporters):

The Schlumberger 2 News Interview Segments ( Videos Courtesy Of FOX 26
Houston ):;jsessionid=B7804F710BE0

The Schlumberger 2 Gains Support From Jena 6's Marcus Jones and others
(Video Courtesy Of FOX 26 Houston ):;jsessionid=2ACAA9C2DCE

Listen To The Schlumberger 2 Live On W.E. A.LL. B.E. News And Radio
Online Sunday 1/27/08 @ 4pm Central At The Following Link:

Schlumberger accused of sexual harassment
EB resident pursues EEOC claim, alleging harassment, retaliation and termination

As Jena 6, the cases against Schlumberger are to be considered “historic”. Lives
continue to be sacrificed in the fight for justice, but it is critical they were not
sacrificed in vain. (i.e. Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey,
Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks…) It’s time to move forward and finally say, "NO,
this is not right, and it will not be tolerated!"

As this email globally calls out for help from the world, the plaintiffs would
appreciate the following support:

- Community involvement (civil rights organizations, women’s rights
organizations, activist groups for justice, notification of elected officials, prayers…)

- Support and help in creating awareness to discourage racism and sexism
happening within Schlumberger (internet networking, website or blog

- Media involvement with the objective of reporting the truth (television,
radio, newspaper…)

- Employment law resources (Plaintiff attorneys…)

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with it. These
Plaintiffs have taken grave risk, and have decided to stand against the odds.
They are in constant fear for the safety of their family and selves. Why should
the circumstances happening within Schlumberger be of concern? This could
be you or a family member one day, just wait… As human beings, we all share
an interdependency of each other, regardless of race and/or sex.
A world wide protest is expected to happen against Schlumberger, and
plaintiffs are ready to create awareness and discourage the racist and sexist acts
of Schlumberger. Please feel free to contact us...


Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.
Plaintiffs in the Discrimination Lawsuit against Schlumberger

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