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Another Reason Why You Can't Always Believe What You Read Especially If It Comes From The New York Times And Concerns Black Males

"The press is so powerful in its image-making role,
it can make a criminal look like he's the victim
and make the victim look like he's the criminal."
Malcolm X (1964)

Hey Fam,
I just wanted to make everyone aware that in light of the NY tImes article concerning the plight of Black Males that you should always be critical of any and everything that you read...There's always more that lies beneath the surface if we only take the time to penetrate it with our true seeing eye, our mind's eye!!! The following is what the heralded and award winning news publication known as the NY Times wrote concerning the life,death and legacy of Malcolm X...Keep in mind that this was published that day after he died. What a difference 40 years, a movie about your life starring a great and award winning actor as you, a critically acclaimed autobiography and a U.S. postage stamp make!!!
Bro. R2

Here's the actual article in its entirety that was printed in the NY Times on Feb. 22, 1965:

"The life and death of Malcolm X provides a discordant but typical theme for the times in which we live. He was a case history, as well as an extraordinary and twisted man, turning many true gifts to evil purpose.

Malcolm X had the ingredients for leadership, but his ruthless and fanatical belief in violence not only set him apart from the responsible leaders of the civil rights movement and the overwhelming majority of Negroes. It also marked him for notoriety, and for a violent end.

Malcolm X's life was strangely and pitifully wasted. But this was because he did not seek to fit into society or into the life of his own people. He could not even come to terms with his fellow black extremists. The world he saw through those horn-rimmed glasses of his was distorted and dark. But he made it darker still through his exaltation of fanaticism.

Yesterday someone came out of the darkness he spawned and killed him. The murder of Malcolm X demands an investigation, even if it was a fanatic’s act, and the fringe of fanatics has no trouble acquiring weapons for violence. But this murder could easily touch off a war of vengeance of the kind he himself fomented. It will take alertness and vigilance on the part of the police, especially in view of the ease with which lethal weapons are available, to make sure that violence is avoided." New York Times, "Malcolm X", 11 February 22, 1965

Please click here if you want to find out more information on how the NY Times consciously led a smear campaign to discredit and character assasinate Bro. Malcolm X.

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