Sunday, April 09, 2006

English Teacher Suspended For Calling Student 'A Nigga'---See Video!!!

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Please share your thoughts...One person's opinion:
That was better than the Daily Show With Jon Stewart...The english teacher,Paul Dawson,should become a comedian...His physicality and timing is superb...To be honest with you the way he says the word nigga does not truly offends me (I find it amusing)...To be honest with you there have been some Black folks who have said the
word and it sounded more disturbing and hurtful coming from them than it does coming from him...I used the word in daily conversation and I have even used the word when talking with white people in "regular" conversation..I think that this incident is important in shedding some light on just how screwed up the lack of people skills and empathy for others are in this country...I am sure the young brother has on occasion used the word nigga as well both as a term of endearment and as an insult, but I definitely do understand how detrimental it can be hearing that word
directed at your being coming from an authority figure such as a teacher whether the teacher is black, white or whatever...Think Malcolm X'S eighth grade teacher
or the high school teacher in the late great Gordon Parks' semiautobiographical film The Learning Tree or the Black cop in Boyz N Hood...Mr. Dawson seems like a
pretty reasonable and articulate person and the student seems very intelligent and reasonable as well...I think actions still speak louder than words and I wish there was a tape available of the incident between the two because to me if it ain't the words than it must be the body language or the matter in
which it was said...

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