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Some More Responses: Let Me Know What Yall Think...CRASH - A REAL LIFE VERSION...

Hey Fam,
Here are some more responses to the crash article I circulated...Thanks to everyone who offered their valued perspective on this topic..Don't let the dialogue stop!!! ;o)
Keep it movin',
Bro. R2

On March 7,2006, E.P. Wrote:
GREAT work on the arguments... This dude, J, has made the decision that no matter how illogical his point of view is... he is right. Well, let him be right... the world is a cold, lonely place for those who choose not the see and/ or acknowledge the TRUTH. You presented EXCELLENT arguments and the hyperlinks had me on the floor. This dude is so disengaged from reality... it is scary!!!
Keep the revolution going my brother...
I pray all is well...

On March 7,2006, A.J. Wrote:
I know we talked about a lot of this, but it is still interesting to read. I didn't get to finish reading through it- I got about half way, but I gotta commend
you right away for the fact that you didn't respond the way I was responding when I was reading ... I guess to the computer.... which was, "Hmmm, let me guess J... you're white?" and " It is all really quite simple actually J,.... you're a fucking idiot, and no, apparently we're not all part of the one race known as the human race.... maybe you'd qualify in the species of... oh, I don't know- arachnids....
something creepy and crawly that can weave a web of something from their ass to surround themselves and protect themselves and at the same time use their web
to sit above other bugs and prey on the ones with fewer defenses.... oh, and did I mention they have very very tiny brains?..."
- talk to you soon.
Love, A.J.

On March 7,2006, B.L. Wrote:
Thanks for sharing this exchange with me.

If words are weapons, and knowledge is king, then you deserve to be knighted for your swordsmanship.

Your opponent voiced the typical viewpoint of the average radio talk show host. I can't believe he didn't even try to educate himself, or at least provide links to back up his position. Come to think of it, I can believe it, which is sad.

One of your parting salvos, which recalled his horribly simplistic approximation of this country's educational dilemma, was masterful.

Onward, Soldier!


On March 7, 2006, TM Wrote:
Get that dude Ron. I think it would be a dumb question to ask the race of this person, though it wouldn't even surprise me if this person were Black. He should know better than to throw silly ass arguments in the face of someone as knowledgable as you are. You mentioned stuff I had not heard about and then provided internet links! Off the chain...

Keep educating these people Ron!


On March 8,2006 C.F. Wrote:
that's a provided links to information that he could read and digest for himself, but the fact that he refused to do so lets you know that he doesn't have any intentions of changing (or accepting alternative points of view), regardless of facts. i wouldn't get too bothered by it...his blatant ignorance will get him nowhere.

gotta get to to ya later~


On March 9,2006 Y.H. Wrote:
Shalom Brother!

I will have to agree with you on this topic. Racism still exists and the system itself is based upon Eurocentricity to the fullest. Everytime I go to work, driving in my car, walking on a street at night or in the day time, I experience racism from our European counterparts. The stares, the body languages, the shakiness of the voices, walking wayyyyy over to the other side of the street as we're about to cross paths. However, there are some cooler ones out of the bunch and I treat everyone as I wish to be treated. Yet, I experience this issue everyday unless I'm at home meditating, praying, writing or drawing. So-called Black on Black Crime is a crab complex between us, but when it comes to the BIG picture, it was all planned this way. We're usually still the last ones hired, first ones fired. New people (Europeans) can come in on a job with no real experience at all and become your supervisor. These are only a few facts. Europeans do not have to worry about being harmed in any way the mass majority of the time traveling through our communities. The truth is that Racisim still exists and hasn't gone anywhere. It was only decades ago that Jim Crow was supposedly abolished or was it? No! It wasn't.

We as a people should embrace the Great Spirit whole-heartedly and walk on the straight and narrow Path. For far too long we have focused on the negatives and trying to figure out how to abolish these negatives. Yet, if we rest and embrace the middle Path, the Path of neutrality within, we can do bigger and better things to create our very own reality. Hate is not the answer. Jealousy is not the answer. Force is not the answer. Spirit is the only answer and leads to peace inside and out. Becoming one with Spirit we can overthrow Racism and develop Brother/Sisterhood between one another and the entire world. All modern day prophets/prophetesses STAND UP and be about the Father/Mother's business! Through, Wisdom, Love & Power (Good Deeds) we as a people shall prosper and make it to the promised land (Garden of Eden within); a world wide utopia will become a reality. We must remember that whenever the time comes for us to take our rightful places back on Mother Earth. This realm of time, space and reality. We should cease from committing the same acts of injustice as have been enforced upon us. Fulfilling the Divine Universal Law of Life, we shall be a righteous people.

Truth IS Infinite Deception IS Finite,


On March 10,2006 M.S. Wrote:
Yo Ron, remember me?
I got your email about "crash..the real version" as a white woman born and raised in Memphis,my comments and beliefs are...those who are haters (where race is concerned)
can kiss my ass. We are all the same on the inside,and all beautiful on the outside.
Those who do not agree will have the opportunity to redeem themselves with the big man upstairs when they are tryng to get in, catch my drift?

Thses are just my opinions, and in no way do I try to push them on others.I just know that I am a very happy person due to my beliefs and philosophy, and I treat people respectfully, until they piss me off multiple times...after that,I cannot help them out.

peace out Ron!

On March 25,2006 D.H. Wrote:
Greetings, Sir Ron! I hope your day is going well. I finally read all of the correspondence between you and J. I'm not sure what to say about the cat. I'm sure you may have been expecting something more profound from me given the span of time that it has taken me to get back to you. I can say that you definitely held yours, though I'm not sure what he took from the correspondence...on the surface I'd say nothing, but in truth, I think he was greatly impacted...greatly in evolutionary in it seems small but in the larger scheme of things the impact is large...but he'd never admit it to you...I'm not sure if I'd say he's in denial or not...I might agree with you that he's been hurt at some point or another. He seems to take these very general stances on race and the universality of things yet also outrageously bold opinions that contradict those someone bitter about love but actually wanting it more than anything.

I can't say that I'm disappointed or even surprised by his views or opinions about blacks and welfare or Compton or anything. In fact, the more I think about his being hurt and comparing it to being broken hearted or burnt by love, the more I can see that he speaks from such a position. It's like one who has been hurt by love, often focuses on the negative aspects of it and wrongly places certain blame on love, holds love in contempt...when in truth it isn't love that causes the problems...okay so the analogy begins to break down here because i've gone from comparing two (possibly opposing) groups of people to people in opposition or favor of an idea, feeling, something not as tangible...

Peace and Many Blessings,

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