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Black History From Tha Artivist's Perspective

My African American Heritage

Hey Yall,
Some of you may or may not know me…I know that 'Black History Month' is now over but this e-letter isn't late at all..In a matter of fact it's been a long time coming!;o) I just wanted to compile a 'brief' list of places where you can find and learn Black History on the internet…Too often in the past month I kept hearing people complaining about how there weren't enough t.v. specials, events and so on that celebrated Black people's history…This is my reply because if you want to change the conditions of your world you must be the catalyst for that change…The great Marcus Garvey understood that in order to build nations you must first build minds because nations and destinations are fermented in the space known as your imagination…IN ORDER TO SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER YOU MUST HAVE A VISION ;-) Please feel free to add to and pass this information to as many people as you can…If you can send me chain letters saying that if I don't pass them on to x amount of people I will die or bad things will happen to me, then you, we, can all surely pass on valuable knowledge to help each other not only live, but to live BOLDLY and FREER because that's what Knowledge of Self does…Thanks for receiving this gift in good faith!!! Look For Me In The Whirlwind.

Your Friend,

Tha Artivist A.K.A. R2C2H2


Check out my mom's official educational blog at …Her blog contains a lot of well searched info on education in particular college preparation, internships and scholarships… Ms. Callie Taylor Herd is a committed visionary when it comes to empowering Black Youths through the gaining and application of knowledge.

1.) Something All Black Americans Should Read and Be About:
The Covenant With Black America:

2.) A 21ST Century Appeal and Black Manifesto by literary great Walter Mosely:

3.) A Wonderful effort by the Library of Congress to document the many perspectives of the African American Experience a.k.a. U.S. History:

4.) A Great Central Source For Black History Online:

5.) Chicken Bones Journal, A Living Black History Journal:

6.)Association for the Study of African American Life and History

7.)William Monroe Trotter: The First Black Man To Tell A President That He Doesn't Care About Black People! Sorry Kanye. :o( history/51/William_Monroe_Trotter_set_an_example_for_expressing_protest

8.) The Forgotten Civil Rights Leader: Whitney Young

9.) Dr. King of Black Musicians: Lt. James Reese Europe

10.) The Real First Black Baseball Player and it isn't Jackie(He's not even the second one either)!!!

11.) Negro Leagues Baseball Players Asociation

12.) National Negro Leagues Museum

13.) A White Woman Passing For 'Colored' Makes Black History and Baseball History:
Effa Manley

14.) Another Negro With A Gun---And A Message: Robert Williams

15.) Interesting Article About Black people and their contributions to the development of early 20th Century Entertainment Technology:'%20ability%20to%20compete

16.) Some info on the great visionary Oscar Micheaux and a perspective on the history of Black Cinema:

17.) The Daddies of the Black Panther Party: Deacons for Defense

18.) After Jack the Ripper and before Slick Rick there was Jack the Rapper, Black Radio Icon and Pioneer:

19.) Florence Mills: THE BLACK BIRD OF HARLEM

20.) If U Really Love New Orleans And All That Jazz:

21.) A TRUE QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA: Oprah Winfrey

22.) Is this a man's world???

23.)A list of some well known and not so well known American Civil and Human Rights Leaders and Activists:

24.) No Justice Just Us:
The Scottsboro Boys, The Trial(S) That Changed the American Judicial System While Destroying Lives

25.) The Death, Funeral and Resurrection of a Prophet: Stanley Tookie Williams
This is actual footage of the program which includes speeches by Snoop Dogg, Jesse Jackson, Tony Robbins, and the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan. Tookie's son (who has an uncanny resemblance to his father) gives a stirring eulogy tribute to his late father and on keeping his legacy of hope and redemption alive:

26.)The Travesty of the George Stinney Jr. court case:
On June 16, 1944 became the youngest person put to death in the history of 20th Century Amerikkka:

Note: It's hard to find any info about the Stinney case. Alot of the info presented is very against any argument that George Stinney may have been innocent because he was railroaded by the Jim Crow practices of the Amerikkkan South. For example, his white court appointed lawyer 'failed' to tell Stinney and his family that he could have filed for an appeal to delay the execution for at least one year to gather support, evidence and monies in order to defend his life in a proper way…By his lawyer refusing to tell him of his rights his human and civil rights were violated…The only advice the family did receive was to leave town before their relative was put to death in order to avoid any mob revenge. His trial lasted a total of 3 hours from opening statement to jury verdict and he was dead less than two months later. This trial basically went undetected by both national and world news because the world was at war and the Allied Forces just invaded Normandy on June 6, 1944.
27.) A Study of the history of executions in the Amerikkkan South includes the Stinney case and some others of note as well:

28.) The Most Dangerous Black Man In America: A. Phillip Randolph

29.) Revisting the legacy of Civil Rights Legend and Gay Rights Icon: Bayard Rustin

30.) A free e-book website that feature out of print as well as popular books by Black History Icons among others:
If you are trying find books by Black History Icons such as
Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Dr. DuBois, Booker T. Washington, Carter G. Woodson and David Walker then you should seriously check out this site:

31.) Black Sci-Fi Pioneer and Great Octavia Butler is dead:

32.) Some Black Women Pioneers Before Rosa and Coretta:
A.) Ida B. Wells-Barnett the Just Us Crusader:

B.)Mary Church Terrell, A Woman of Many Talents:

C.) Josephine Ruffin, A Forgotten Agitator:

D.) Black Reparations Pioneer Callie House:


33.)Please Support These Black Folks Making History Now:
A.)Philosopher, Activist and Artist Lady Hill

B.)Lyrical Assassin known as the WOO Child:

C.)Comic Extraordinaire and Social Critic Ms. Abbi Crutchfield
Check out when I'll perform next, and read something funny I wrote here:

D.)The Artist Known As Carl Hess II

E.) The Artist Known as Kristin Davis

F.)The Artist Known as Nyla Denise

G.) NIA Art Organization

H.) The Artist Known AS Darlene Thomas

I.)Steve Bronner founder/ visionary of Central-B Medias

J.) Nu Author Dwight Fryer

K.)The Hip Hop Artist known as Ro

L.) Artist known as Michael Yates

M.) The Artist Known as Chez

N.)Words, Beats and Life Organization, a Hip Hop Education and Preservation Institute:

O.) Elementz: The Hip Hop Youth Arts Center

P.) Artist known as Jared Small

Q.) The Katrina Accountability Project

R.) Katrina Relief Organization

34.) Black Love Is Always A Great Thing Especially If You Found That Special Someone to Share It With:

35.) Alternative News Sources:

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