Sunday, April 16, 2006

Featured Artivist of the Moment: Kiarra Lynn Smith

Ms. Kiarra Lynn Smith in my estimation is one of the most promising young voices for liberation on this planet period...She is a beautiful Black Sister with the true warrior spirit whose weapons of choice are words,pictures and a sharp intellect as well as a passion for 'true knowledge' not just information but the appilication of wisdom that 'true knowledge' represents...Mrs. Kiarra Lynn Smith is very wise and insightful beyond her years, wise being a characteristic that doesn't neccesarily come from living to an old ripe age, but from living and loving life with a fullness and exuberance that defy expectations and yields bountiful rewards...Her art work, personality and words have inpsired me to greater heights of understanding and appreciation for true beauty in all its expressions and forms...To hear,read and see her tell 'herstory' is very inspirational and provides me with the hope that there are some things and people worth living for and learning from!!! See If You Agree:
Ms. Kiarra Lynn Smith Interview Courtesy of www.YoungSaintLouis.Org

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