Friday, April 28, 2006

Willie Bosket: The Most Dangerous Prisoner in Amerikkka ???

Many people outside of the law enforcement and judicial systems are not familiar with the name Willie Bosket…However it can be said with sound reason that Willie Bosket's notorious criminal lifestyle and exploits are the reason why many young people are tried as adults for certain crimes including murder…It seems that the life of Willie Bosket was predestined for tragedy…Willie Bosket more so than Willie Horton, the New York Times article about the Plight of Black Males, Tavis Smiley's Convenant with Black America, and the current National Urban League report on Black America embodies all that is right and wrong with Black America in particular and Amerikkan society in general…He hails from a long line of angry, highly intelligent, anti-authoritative Black males with the surname of Bosket ever since their plantation days (slavery) in "Bloody" Edgefield County, South Carolina a.k.a. KKK Country…The Bosket men were known to switch moods at any given moment and did not fear any man, Black or White…They had no problems in fighting and in certain instances killing a fellow person of color in self defense or otherwise…The fact alone that they would not bow down to Whites and the rules of the Jim Crow South made them not only unemployable by inherently racist institutions of industry but also a threat to the ways and nature of the aforementioned Jim Crow South...In other words because of their charisma, intelligence and radicalism they could be viewed as potential revolutionaries in the vein of Nat Turner and Denmark Vescey(Bad Niggers)…So they were forced out of the south into the northern parts of the U.S…However, instead of the "Malcolm X route" or the revolutionary route, the Bosket men opted for the "Detroit Red route" meaning a life of crime and violence…According to Mr. J. Douglas Allen-Taylor Willie's great-grandfather Clifton 'Pud' Bosket started the violent line of Bosket men:

Pud Bosket, Willie's great-great-grandfather, grew up a generation after the end of the Civil War and the broken promises of Emancipation. Pud was a notorious "bad nigger," the kind about whom songs are composed and stories written. Unable to find work on any of the area farms because he refused to submit to a white farmer who tried to beat him with a whip, Pud made a living gambling and breaking into stores.

He served time on South Carolina's notorious chain gangs, and was both feared and respected within the African-American community. "He didn't bother nobody, but if you pushed him, you had to beat him," Pud's brother once said. "Step on his foot, at a dance or walking by, just brush him, and there'd be a fight. He wasn't never scared."

Willie's grandfather, James who himself would travel up and down the eastern coast of the United Snakes committing armed robbery, would routinely beat and whip his father, Willie James 'Butch' Bosket, as a child, leaving him with the markings and disfigurements very similar to the ones received by enslaved Africans pre-Civil War Amerikkka…Willie's father killed two White men with a knife in a Milwaukee pawn shop because he thought one of the men had cheated him out of some money for some pornographic pictures and spent most of his life in jail while his mother abandoned him when he was very young…His grandmother became his legal guardian, but his true parents were the mean streets and subways of New York City…By the time he was fifteen it was said that Willie had committed over 2,000 criminal acts which included vandalism, 200 armed robberies, 25 stabbings. petty theft and two documented subway homicides…The State of New York found him to be an unrepentant and unsavable socio-psychopath…However, he was still a youth and due to the loopholes in the laws concerning youth offenders (regardless of murder charges) he was a free man by the time he was 21, but due to a climate change in the New York judicial system giving repeat offenders felonies and longer sentences (largely influenced by Willie's homocidal and socio-pathic exploits as a teenager) Willie found himself literally as a target to be made an example of and he was quickly sent back to jail for life for relatively minor offenses as a young adult…

It was found out during extensive psychological testing that Willie Bosket, like many of the men in his family with the same surname, possessed an above average or genius IQ…His father while serving time in Leavenworth Penitentiary received his G.E.D and became the first prisoner in Amerikkka to graduate from a college or academic institution (University of Kansas) with the designation of Phi Beta Kappa, a very prestigous academic honor…He was in the top three per cent of his class and made 38 As (and 2 Bs) out of a possible 40 college credit courses he took….Although Bosket's father literally had a mind like Einstein with unlimited potential, he nonetheless like a protagonist in a Shakespeare play was doomed by the stars for failure and a tragic demise…He was eventually killed in a shootout with police in Milwaukee which also claimed the life of his girlfriend (he allegedly committed a homicide-suicide)…The death of his father deeply affected a still young Willie Bosket…Willie Bosket has officially been designated the MOST DANGEROUS PRISONER IN NEW YORK STATE…According to criminologist Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Willie Bosket is currently kept in deep isolation in a specially constructed isolation cell. The guards are forbidden to speak to him. He has no electrical outlets, no television or newspapers. Behind the bars of his cell is a sheath of plexiglass. Four video cameras keep him under surveillance at all times. Whenever he goes out, he is thoroughly shackled with an automobile tow chain. He feels he is on death row with no hope of escape in the electric chair.

Willie Bosket basically embodies that old United Negro College Fund statement that a mind is a terrible thing to wasteHe also represents what happens when the dreams and aspirations of talented and gifted Black men are not only deferred but are aborted before they are given birth to….Here are some links where you can find more info on the trials and tribulations of Willie Bosket:


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent story and very informative on the life of Willie Bosket. This was my first time hearing about his person. It is sad that he didn't get to use his mind in the way that his potential was, but it does show that a person can be taught if they really want to.

Anonymous said...

I just read this "mis-information" on Willie Bosket. Fox Butterfield got his initial information from me, Willie's advocate for 18 years. Butterfield made up all the crap about "Pud" and the background of Willie's notorious father, who died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds after a shootout with the cops.
I have hundreds of letters from Willie Jr, and about 85 letters from his now-deceased father.
I have Willie's writings, poems,
photos, and most intimate a lock of his hair.
Butterfield did a real hack job on the information he got from me.

Anonymous said..., could you provide us with some feedback on what Butterfield should have shared so that we can be enlighten with the actual background on Willie Bosket. This would be a great forum to do so.

tha artivist said...

First of all I would like to say thank you for writing to W.E. A.L.L. B.E...It is refreshing to know kind, informative and passionate people like you still exist...I would like to learn more about Mr. Bosket and his situation as well as your cause...My goal has always been to enlighten people on different perspectives whether controversial or not...I would love to get your side of the story and get the "right information" out to a wider audienece...I am sorry about the dis-service you may have felt that I done to your friend Willie Bosket and his late father, but I do not apologize for the fact that I was trying to get a version of his story out to wider and diverse audience via a very popular medium the internet...What is the best way to contact you??? Feel free to either e-mail or call me at 901-299-4355 at anytime because I would love to hear yours and Willie's side of the story...
Take care and keep the flame going and glowing...
Your comrade,
R2C2H2 Tha Artivist
The Minister of Information and Founder of W.E. A.L.L. B.E.
You can learn more about me and my causes through the following websites:

Anonymous said...

I am very glad to hear that this vicious predatory animal, the son of generation after generation of vicious, LAZY, shiftless predatory animals, is housed as befits a murderous, worthless animal.

Anonymous said...

this is pure revisionist trash. if you touchy feely types are actually looking for more "insight" on willie bosket, just ask my father - a decorated retired lieutenant of the nypd. he arrested this "genius" on numerous occasions. seriously folks, we would be better off with wild boars roaming our streets than people like willie bosket.

Unknown said...

I lived in the same New York City of Willie Bosket, noted the various social classes of people, including Black African American communities, issues of crime, suspicion from police, middle class society.

I was familiar with this worst case youth offender and the excuses, constant efforts to give a bright, high IQ youth, young man more chances.

I just have a different view.

I see violent crime as very wrong, don't much care if the criminal has a high IQ.

I take a dim view of violent assault, murder. What did they do in Texas in the 1890s to murderers? What do they do now to murderers in Singapore, Malaysia?

I am not a violent person, but I have no problems supporting execution of the likes of Willie Bosket. Firing squads, hangings, just needs to be done.

And for those who insist on pushing extreme liberal politics that let criminals like WIllie Bosket get away with over 2,000 violent crimes, please understand that your actions cause extreme reactions.

Fundamentalists religions
Extreme racism.

Regular people want justice to be done, want safe streets, not excuses.

America will be a better place when the likes of Willie Bosket are removed from our society.

Anonymous said...

While this story explains Mr. Bosket's way of thinking. It does not tell about the reason why he is placed behind the plexiglass window and has 3 cells that are converted together. Nor does it explain why no correction officer is allowed to speak to him. Although, I know all of these reasons. :} lmao

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this piece of human filth dies soon, before he can hurt or kill anyone else. Execution on the spot should be legal when it comes to certain people....Waste of taxpayer money feeding him and keeping him alive all these years...Honestly.

Anonymous said...

Kill him and be done with it. Liberals should get a clue. These stories drive me crazy. Poor poor impoverished willie. Give me a break. Enough bleeding.

Anonymous said...

Reading this story is very never would understand a person until you walk in their shoes

Anonymous said...

people are missing the point entirely. i will paraphrase something willie himself has said:
every abused child is a bill marked payment due in 20 years." think about it, if that poor kid that he was back then (the one who was raped and abused) got some help, there'd be a good # of people who'd still be alive today. willie's story is not just a tragedy for the victims. we do all pay the price for all the abused willie's in the world.