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3/10/2010*9PM C*W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Beyond The Mask: Uncovering The Truth About Domestic Violence

 Celebrating 3 Years Strong & Still Got It Going On

March 2010 Theme: Let's Talk...

Air Date: Weds. March 10, 2010

Time: 9 PM C/10 PM E/7 PM P

Call-in Number: 646-652-4593

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Topic: Beyond The Mask: Uncovering The Truth About Domestic Violence 
Real Talk About An Issue That Undermines The Love & Unity Of Our Families & Communities With Celebrated Memphis "Beyond The Mask" Playwright Corey Whitsett

Featured & Honorable Guests...

  *Bro. Corey R. Whitsett~Author, Playwright & Musician

Hailing from Chicago, Il a.k.a. The Windy City, most of Bro. Corey Randolph Whitsett's time growing up was spent in his father's church. He gives all credit to God for each and every talent that he is blessed with. Whether writing short stories, plays, poetry or songs for his jazz band, Corey is constantly creating something.Corey has been hard at work producing gospel stage plays through his Christian entertainment company, ACTS Drama Ministries. Some of his plays are: Guess Who's Coming to Church, Till Death Do Us Part, Church Folks, Mary's Baby etc.

ACTS Drama Ministries was founded by Corey R. Whitsett in 1999 to provide Christians with quality alternatives to secular entertainment. Our goal is to further the kingdom of God by spreading his word through the performing arts. Although ACTS Drama Ministries is in the entertainment business, the main focus is the ministry. Their productions are designed to not only entertain but empower God's people by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Juggling his life at home along with working full-time as a computer consultant, Corey tries to write as much as he can. "I have so many passions in life, my family, music, career, but writing is the only thing that I can't control. God has chosen me to be a writer so I must be obedient when He has a story for me to tell."

He says being a musician and a writer has never cause much conflict because they compliment each other. "Sometimes, I hear music and it makes me write, other times I am reading something and I hear music."Corey has completed one novel, Quiet Before The Storm, and is currently working on his second novel, Epic.

Visit Bro. Corey Whitsett's Official Websites:
Please Call 646-652-4593...Join In The Conversation...This is An Open Discussion

Saving Our Mothers From Domestic Violence:


*About "Beyond The Mask" The Play By Bro Corey Playing 7PM C, Saturday, 3/13/2010, @ The University Of Memphis Rose Theatre
In church they wore the masks of a perfect family, but the Jenkins family hides a painful secret. Karen is being abused physically and verbally by her husband Charles, the chairman of the deacon board. Afraid to go to the police, and too ashamed to go to her church, she hides her pain beneath the mask. But after years of abuse, that mask is beginning to crack and they are going to ultimately have to face the truth. The truth that death may truly have to do them part!

Promo Video: Beyond The Mask   


Beyond The Mask Stage Play - This play is about a family that is perfect in the public eye but behind closed doors they're something else! This is where it gets interesting. This play is going to make you laugh, cry, and even raging mad and the ending.......I promise you won't see this one coming! Coming to a theatre near you!  

Tickets are only $10.00 and I only have 45 left!!! Hopefully, I will sell them all TODAY!. Part of the proceeds go directly to Living Legacy, and organization here in Memphis that assists victims of domestic violence. Call or email me so that I can hold them for you! whitsett@actsdramaministry.com or 901-679-2945.

Also, if you know anyone going through domestic violence and needs to see this play, I have set aside free tickets for them. Just have them call me.

Thanks, Be Blessed!

Corey R. Whitsett

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