Sunday, March 07, 2010

Where Do Old Revolutionaries Go?

 Harriet Tubman

Where Do Old Revolutionaries Go?

Dr. Rodney Coates c//10

Those too dumb to take a bribe, to sell out or to punk out before their time

Didn’t get the memo that the revolution had taken a break

They stayed out way too late waitin on that date when the

Revolution would come but

Where do old revolutionaries go?

Those who lived way past their prime working on that dream that one day

All would be free to live out their dreams that seems to ever be on

The horizon so they continued to walk that line that picket between

Insanity and our dre3ams

Where do old revolutionaries go?

That are too proud to beg, too big to cry, and too old to continue to make ends meet

Long after the ends have lost sight of their means to be.

When the reality is that we long forgot where they were and what

They stood for as we walk through the doors their blood, sweat and tears opened

Where do old revolutionaries go?

When the system they have fought against stands up and declares victory

When the beast that they have tried to slay stamps on the dreams they declared

When the fantasies that they wove about a better place give way to the realities of

Their lives without as they all but give out because they refused to sell out

Where, exactly do old revolutionaries go?

Now that we have forgotten that they were, refuse to see where they are, and refuse to

Recognize that we see because they blazed a path for us to righteously be

Now that we are there…still struggling to discover exactly where there is but we

Cannot forget that it was their sacrifices that made our there a here now

So where, exactly do old revolutionaries go

Particularly if we forget that they have been…

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