Friday, March 12, 2010

Controversy Brewing Over NYC Mural: Does It Demeans Black & Latina Women??? You Decide...

Times Square Mural Is Criticized

Thursday, 11 Mar 2010, 8:22 PM EST

MYFOXNY.COM - In Times Square, where oversized billboards and flashing lights are routinely ignored, one mural is turning heads.
The mural was recently put up on 42nd Street. It depicts black and Latina women with long fingernails and little clothing. The mural and its creator -- a 26-year-old artist -- are facing fierce criticism.

"Why are they not standing here with briefcases and cell phones or even communicating with people to show the professionalism of black and Latino women?" says Anthony Herbert, a community advocate.
The young artist, Sofia Maldonado, a Latina woman herself, says she's bringing to Times Square a community of women representative of Harlem, Brooklyn, and other boroughs. And with it, a side of New York most tourists don't see.

But critics argue this mural is a step back in time -- back to a day when 42nd Street was overwhelmed by prostitutes and peep shows.

Some passersby told Fox 5 News that the mural is degrading to all women.

Critics are now calling for the mural to be taken down.

The Times Square Alliance, which put up the mural said it was sorry if it offended anybody. The alliance released this statement:

"Since its installation, Sofia Moldanado's mural has drawn a variety of responses from New Yorkers, both negative and positive. The goal of the privately funded Public Art Program of the Times Square Alliance is to bring the work of up-and-coming contemporary artists to Times Square and while numerous people have reacted positively to the work and the artist's intent, we are sorry that some others have found it offensive or disrespectful. It certainly was not our intent."


Ladies and Friends of The Phenomenal Women Group,

We are joining Lady C and her group “The Black Professionals of New York on this battle and any other movement or organization that is moving towards the removal of this mural.

To be clear the Press conference about the mural removal is being given by a different organization who was also inspired by Lady C’s passion.

I am waiting to hear word from Lady C, Regarding updates on any headway she has gained on this matter .
I would ask members to support all events in association regarding this mural’s removal. I was able to see some more photos which I have included below, it is even more disturbing to the point it has moved me to sound the call.

I urge you if you’re in any other female groups , associations , clubs or sorority please pass all and any information regarding this matter along. If you can’t attend the press conference in the morning or your organization can not attend the rally tomorrow afternoon you can still be part of the struggle by passing this e-mail along.

*Create a facebook note and tag your friends who are in the New York area with large networks to this cause. Don’t forget to include the photos as the photos and imagery are very powerful . Seeing is truly believing!!!
Today a rally is being formulated to take place during rush hour, I don’t have the information but you can reach out to the contact on the press release below.
Here are the photos…. Please give me your thoughts on what you see in these imagines?

Do they really speak on the worth of the African American and Hispanic woman of today??

Is this who and what we are?

Write about it , Blog about it , Twitter about……………Do something about it

It is past the midnight hour and I write this to you my, sisters and friends at twilight, as the movement never sleeps.


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Anonymous said...

OMG nyc is sooo full of shit!!! they think they shit gold and smell like roses!!! the so politically correct races are defending what? sterotypes? educate yourself about the artist work before you rally around being all fox news! the artist is LATINA and HAS A CELLPHONE and A BRIEFCASE. shes alsodone work in cuba for where the word minority doesnt exist! this mural doesnt portray a bad image on black and latina!!! it only shows that side that exist in every ghetto in america. woman!!!