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The Great War

The Great War
Farrakhan Concludes Powerful Series On The Judgment Of America And Wicked Forces Controlling Country

By Richard B. Muhammad -Editor-in-Chief
The Final Call
Mar 16, 2010

CHICAGO | Mosque Maryam ( - In a four-hour March 14 message, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan concluded a major lecture series, “The Time And What Must Be Done,” that started with his Saviours' Day address two weeks earlier.

Though the Minister finished his three-part series, the final fight between those who have afflicted Blacks for centuries and ruled the world versus the Supreme Being has just begun. Black America has a ringside seat in the final conflict, in which a prophetic figure is waging war on her behalf, he said.

The Nation of Islam minister again warned of Zionist efforts to force a war between the U.S. and Iran and growing impatience with President Obama's failure to act. The Minister told these same forces and others to do the president no physical harm—and to contend with him at the ballot box. An election loss is acceptable, but death plots against the president are out of the question, he warned emphatically.

“Allah (God) is angry over America's mistreatment of the Black man and woman of America who are His people,” said Min. Farrakhan. The standing room only crowd in the sanctuary of the Nation of Islam's flagship mosque exploded into applause at his declaration. Others watched downstairs and next door at the Muhammad University of Islam gymnasium.

This final battle was forecast in the 1930s when the founder of the Nation of Islam made himself known and had Nation of Islam ministers write on blackboards, “Which One Will Survive the War of Armageddon?” with Islam and its flag on one side and the U.S. flag and Christianity on the other.

Just as Jehovah destroyed Pharaoh and made the children of Israel his people and nation, the same is happening today through a powerful being known in scripture as the Messiah and the Mahdi, said the Minister. This powerful human being, Master W. Fard Muhammad, is the Supreme Being and raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to the position of Christ, the first begotten of the spiritually, mentally, economically and morally dead so-called American Negroes, Min. Farrakhan declared.

Master Fard Muhammad is “anointed with the power of the Originator to set justice in the earth and sit down every tyrant. One would have to be anointed with the power of the Originator to sit down every tyrant to set justice in the earth. Both the Bible and Qur'an tell us of the coming of Allah, the days of Allah … that he would be master of the law of recompense,” said the Minister.

The Mahdi controls a human built planet that has the power to destroy the current civilization and its rulers, the Minister declared. The enemy calls The Wheel and its smaller baby planes UFOs, but they are from this world, but not controlled by this world.

This great Wheel was seen by the Prophet Ezekiel in a vision 500 years before Jesus was born, but it is real now, the Minister continued. The Wheel and fire will be used to destroy this world of wickedness as water was used in the days of Noah, Min. Farrakhan noted. Scripture says fire would be used in the last days of the wicked, he said .

There is no need to fear fire after death, but “if you live through these next few years, you would be wise to try to escape the fire that was not prepared for you, but was prepared for Satan and all his hosts,” Min. Farrakhan said.

The Wheels have been seen over Lake Erie for 10 days the Minister observed. “Chicago newspapers are not talking about it because it verifies what I say,” he said.

Shaped In Iniquity

Blacks have suffered over 450 years of torture and oppression in the United States and the first Black president, Barack Obama, cannot change that reality, the Minister said. “He (the president) cannot save America, he would like to, he has a good heart. But unfortunately he has come at the time of the fulfillment of the judgment spoken of in both these books,” said Min. Farrakhan, holding up the Bible and Holy Qur'an, the Islamic book of scripture.

Satan has deceived the entire world through religion, causing followers of all the faiths and righteous teachings to deviate once the prophet or enlightened figure departed, he explained. The slave master taught Jesus was the White son of God so that when the prophetic one showed up Black his own people would reject him—as written in the Bible, Min. Farrakhan said.

“You are legally bound to your slave master. You wear their names and you confess their religion. You're a White person in Black skin. They have made us into themselves so the wickedness that we do every day of our lives is because of our sojourn with wickedness, with wicked rulers that we have looked up to,” he noted. Our behavior is not in accord with the names of righteous men uttered from the lips because we have been deceived, Min. Farrakhan explained.

The time of the separation of the wicked and righteous has arrived and Blacks have qualified people and can govern themselves if separated from their enemies in a territory, Min. Farrakhan said.

Dark Days Ahead For America

“The coming of God is the beginning of the final war,” said Min. Farrakhan, referring to scripture where Jesus comes with a sword.

With graphics projected on a huge screen at the mosque and a smaller flat screen nearby, the Minister showed the global position of American military bases, personnel and her naval fleets. America spends billions on weapons of war and is not a peacemaker, he said. Muslims are killing one another and Christians since the U.S. went into Iraq in 1991, he said.

America is leading the nations of the West in the fight against Islam, the Minister said. But as America moves against Islam, her own country continues to fall.

High unemployment, millions without health care, record-setting home losses, financial crises in states across the country, a growing income gap, increased hunger and homelessness, bank failures and bad economic conditions will continue, said the Minister.

What is happening to the minds of people as their country unravels? he asked. There have been record gun sales since Mr. Obama took office and over 100 new militia groups have formed and are prepared to battle the U.S. government, Min. Farrakhan said. While Blacks multiply in gangs angry and killing one another, Whites are growing militias and ready to assault their government, he added.

“America is under the hand of God and her society is unraveling before our eyes and before the eyes of the entire world, God through that man is taking her world down,” said Min. Farrakhan referring to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. “He's not dead, he's alive and in power.”

The Minister repeated his Sept. 17, 1985 experience aboard The Wheel where President Reagan's plan to attack Libya was revealed and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad instructed him to tell the world “you got it from me, Elijah Muhammad, on The Wheel.” My teacher has divine power and I am an extension of that power and divine authority, said the Minister, who shared his repeated reluctance to talk about himself in such terms. “That's why I can say something and he (Elijah Muhammad) will bring it to pass. Today I am calling Satan out, he is real,” Min. Farrakhan boldly stated.

The United Nations has failed as a peacekeeper and as Libyan President Muammar Gadhafi said 65 wars have been waged since its inception, the Minister said. Mr. Gadhafi also said the UN Security Council is a terror council against small nations, while Israel is allowed to act with impunity, he continued. But Israel's time is short, said the Minister.

Zionists are “pressing President Obama to try to put a Black face in front of your evil plans against Iran. You are pressuring President Obama to sanction sanctions that will cripple the Iranian people,” said Min. Farrakhan. The media has labeled Iranian President Ahmadinejad a new Adolph Hitler and the U.S. president has been called the same, he noted. Mr. Obama is unpopular in Israel because he has not conceded to the wishes of Zionists, said Min. Farrakhan. Members of Jewish organizations recently went to Washington to press for sanctions and a nuclear attack if necessary on Iran, the Minister added. Vice President Joe Biden recently went to Israel to patch up the damaged relationship, but failed, he noted.

Jewish anger over criticism of behavior that violates the law of Moses is wrongheaded and “irreligious Jews” cannot claim to be the children of Abraham and violate divine law, he said.

Jewish merchants were involved in the transatlantic slave trade and Jewish managers often profited from Black entertainers who were often left penniless at the end of careers, he said. Some Jews and Whites still see Blacks, including the president, as property, Min. Farrakhan added. Today Jewish control of Black entertainers and artists restricts their activity, he said.

“Why is Farrakhan called anti-Semitic? What have I done to the Jewish people?” the Minister asked. “Show me one Jewish person we have denied education to, show me one Jewish person that we have bombed or burned their places of worship, not one. … They are angry with me because I am attacking now that which the Bible calls the synagogue of Satan.”

“Abraham Foxman, of the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, he's the attack dog for the synagogue of Satan, he and these irreligious persons who defile the good name of Jews,” he said.

“The Federal Reserve is the synagogue of Satan, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, the House of Rothschild, these are the people that have corrupted the entire world and I am here to pronounce your doom.”

Can you be a good Jew and make movies that celebrate what God condemns? Min. Farrakhan asked. “Some of these so-called Jews run the entertainment industry and they make you (Black entertainers) wealthy as long as you degrade yourself and your people.”

“There are good Jewish people, there are Jewish people who love the word of God, who love the law of God and even through their dispersal throughout the world they have tried to be faithful to that word,” said Min. Farrakhan “If you take what (God) taught you in his way, you don't have anything to fear, but if you have taken the wisdom of God and used it to create a world in opposition to God, I am here to announce the end of your time on our planet. The good Jews must separate themselves from the Jews that besmirch the name.”

He warned those who might try to harm or assassinate the president because he has not done their bidding.

“Let me say this to you America, you better do everything in your power to keep Barack alive, if you don't like him, vote him out. We can stand to lose an election, but we can't stand to lose our brother that his wife and children will be like the wife and children of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X,” the Minister said, as applause exploded again from the audience.

He cautioned the president about moving against Iran, saying it would be the wrong decision.

Presidents in the past have used lies to bring America into war, the Minister said. The bombing of the USS Maine was used to justify the the Spanish-American War in 1898; a ghost attack on a U.S. ship on Aug. 4, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident was used to justify American involvement in Vietnam and Bush administration lies about weapons of mass destruction in the lead up to the 2003 Iraq invasion.

The Minister warned against rising fascism, a combination of fierce nationalism and corporate power, in this country. Facists advocate for one party. Do you think the Democrats and Republicans are different? he asked.

The politicians are in bed with the insurance industry, special interests and Israel, with many congressmen honorary Israeli citizens and members of the Knesset, Min. Farrakhan said. “There is not a president that is the real power; the real power are those moneyed people. Barack is not in power. How dare you think that he could give you what no other president before him has been able to give you even if they desired to do it.”

Fascists rule by fear and there is growing hatred of Islam, surveillance of Muslims and plots to charge believers with terrorism, but no Muslim needs to be a terrorist, if he knows God, he said.

Come after us and God will destroy you and what you think you love, the Minister said. He acknowledged that his message would mean increased hatred and targeting of him and those with him—but there would also be consequences for his enemies and America. “He (God) is going to multiply your calamities. There'll be more wind, more unusual rain, violent storms, earthquakes,” Min. Farrakhan said.

America is falling fast and murder and bloodshed will be in the streets, he said. The powerful are relentless in their willingness to do anything to achieve their ends.

The horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001 and the bombing of the World Trade Center was done by people inside the U.S. government and banking system to use fear to move the people to create an endless war on terror—which is really a war against Islam, he said.

“There are many who are saying the official government version of events is not what really happened,” the Minister noted.

Among many questions he asked: How could someone with who failed flying a single prop plane execute a complex maneuver and crash a jetliner into the World Trade Center tower; how did the towers collapse so quickly; why were lucrative investment bets placed on United and American-Airlines and some corporate offices in the World Trade Center that yielded profits if their stock prices fell; why have at least five alleged hijackers been reported alive and how did the government know their identities so soon after the attack; what happened to the debris from the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania and why didn't damage at the Pentagon appear to match destruction commensurate with the size of the 757 jetliner, laden with fuel, that reportedly struck? How did the U.S. end up in Afghanistan and Iraq if the alleged attackers were Saudi Arabian? he asked. When the Bush administration said Osama Bin Laden was responsible and the Afghans asked to be shown the proof, President Bush arrogantly said turn Mr. Bin Laden over or else.

Six months before the 9-11 attacks the World Trade Center was purchased by the Silverstein Group for $3.2 billion and Larry Silverstein took out insurance which included acts of terrorism, the Minister noted. The potential payout was $4.6 billion and a huge profit was made off of the attacks based on a court decision, Min. Farrakhan said.

The Minister urged Blacks to morally repent, reform their lives and separate from those who are involved in wicked behavior, to be saved. “May Allah open your hearts to hear the truth,” he said. “The Time And What Must Be Done has been completed and now I leave you with Allah.”

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