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Tha Artivist: Open Letter To Bro. Tavis: Make Freeing The Scott Sisters A Part Of The Black Agenda!

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The Scott Sisters (l-r): Jamie & Gladys
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Open Letter To Bro. Tavis: Make Freeing The Scott Sisters A Part Of The Black Agenda!

"In The End, We Will Remember Not The Words Of Our Enemies, But The Silence Of Our Friends."~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“It is us today, it will be you tomorrow.” ~Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

Moving Your Mouth For 3 Hours A Movement Does Not Make.

Singing Self-Congratulatory Praises To The Congregation For 3 Hours A Leader Does Not Make.

Using Your Platform To Inform People So That They Can Act In The Direct & Desired Fashion While At The Same Time Forcing The Powers That Be To Recognize That Real Power Is Created By People Power And Not By Tough Talk & Gun Powder Is Not Only A Movement But Real Change Whose Time Has Come & That We Can Believe In. Yes We Can!

Dear Bro. Tavis:
This letter is for you…Now’s the time for you to up the ante in the Black Agenda by helping to free 2 beautiful sisters falsely imprisoned in your native state of Mississippi…The sad plight of the Scott Sisters, Sis. Gladys & Sis. Jamie, deserve some airtime this weekend on C-Span via your Black Agenda forum @ Chicago State University March 20, 2010…These sisters are victims of the new James Crow Esq. system of lawlessness and disorder…In a state that has the most Black elected officials anywhere in the union while having nearly 80% of their prison population be African American shows that Black access to systemic power doesn’t always equate to Black Power…

In the spirit of your hero MLK and “the fierce urgency of now” I implore you to use your considerable blessings and talents as a spokesperson of the people ( especially the “voiceless”) to seize the time to act upon pushing a much needed national dialogue and action in the release of the Scott Sisters…These sisters received double life each for an $11 dollar armed robbery they did not commit…The Scott Sisters have done nearly 16 years of a double life sentence each for a crime that they did not commit…Furthermore, it was a first time offense because the Scott Sisters had no previous record of criminality…How does the punishment fits the crime?

The culprits of the crimes confessed and even the “victim” stated that the Scott Sisters weren’t involved…The true culprits did no more than 10 months of actual jail time for the crime…This $11 armed robbery was a victimless crime, unless you count the Scott Sisters…

This scenario was actually set up by powerful entities in their town and county who abused their powers as law enforcement officials…This scandal was also used as a vendetta against the Scott Sisters’ father, the real target…Almost all the key principal players in this tragic tale are dead…

The Scott Sisters’ civil rights and human dignity were clearly violated and they should not be punished one more day for the sins of their father or anyone else for that matter…These women went into the 'just us' system as young mothers and now they are grandmothers who want to badly reconnect with their loved ones…If anyone should qualify for compassionate release in the just us system then it is clearly the Scott Sisters…
Jamie Scott is in bad need of a kidney transplant (which so far has been denied) and is not receiving the best of care as we speak…Here is a passage from the most recent update concerning Jamie’s health status:

Jamie was rushed to the hospital in terrible pain with the intention of getting her
pain stabilized and returning her directly back. She was examined by a doctor who determined that infection had spread through her entire body and that the veins in her neck had collapsed. He said he would not treat her pain and then release her back to the prison as they wanted because she would die from the blockages and the constant catheter infections. The doctor angrily stated that the MDOC had dropped the ball when it came to Jamie's medical care. He said she should have been admitted long-term to clear up her infection when she was previously sent there instead of quickly returning her back to the prison on antibiotics. He scheduled her to have emergency surgery to insert a shunt into her groin for the purposes of dialysis.

Why is the state of Mississippi trying to make Sis. Jamie Scott a martyr?

Prisons are now privatized and big business in this country…The U.S. has 25% of the world’s prisoners, more than anywhere else…Black folks in disproportionate numbers make up the bulk of the prison population…Anyone of us could be a target…And that’s not scary talk it’s real talk…

Black females represent one of the fastest growing demographics being devoured by the prison industry death complex …The Black family is under attack…We have more Black folks in prisons than we did during slavery…We are living in neoslavery times and we need committed 21st Century Abolitionists to lead the charge…Bro. Tavis are you willing to be a part of this revolutionary van guard?

I would hope that a person could at least make a call, fax or e-mail on my behalf if I were to get into some type of trouble…I did make a call to Free The Scott Sisters on Friday morning March 5, 2010, and it took less than 3 minutes of my time to make a difference…Mr. Wells, the person that I spoke to at Gov. Barbour’s office said that they have been flooded with e-mails, faxes and calls from throughout the country and the world for the Scott Sisters’ release…It is time for others to add their voices to the choir…It’s a new song and a new day…Thanks once again for your consideration in being an agent for true change and spread the word…One love!
Bro. Ron/

Tha Artivist
 The W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Group Inc.


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Yobachi said...

Great ideal. Were you familiar with our Day of Blogging for Justice for the Scott Sister's today?

I added your post to our list of participants:"

Was this sent to Tavis. I'll try to call his office tomorrow as well as email this to him.

We going to keep things going through next week, and post on this issue again next Thursday.

You can get at me at lionrunner 777 @ yahoo for the details.